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The Low Down

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Securex’s existing CRM platform was mainly used as an administrative system and could not provide sufficient support for the advanced corporate and international processes the business needed. Due to a high level of customisation of the existing system, it was almost impossible to efficiently run reports in the system or to manage marketing campaigns. All this caused a very low user adoption. At the end of 2010 the version of SAP CRM they were using was not officially supported anymore.

The Challenge

Securex asked Wipro to build a variety of new marketing and sales processes using Salesforce and Pardot, using the revamped CRM, Securex wanted to:

  • Improving the visibility of key sales and marketing information
  • Establish a higher degree of user adoption
  • Construct consistent sales and marketing processes
  • Improve data quality

The Solutions

Phase 1

Starting point for the project was the design of new marketing and sales processes. A series of workshops with key professionals from marketing, sales, IT and general management were organised to review and optimise the sales & marketing processes. Wipro facilitated these workshops, provided best practice inspiration and challenged the customer team to push further. Based on this robust analysis the implementation of Salesforce was executed.

Phase 2

We designed a new marketing and sales processes in The enhanced focus on simplification, effectiveness, data quality and performance resulted in a significantly higher user adoption. This phase also included the integration of a 3rd party e-mailing tool and the integration with Lotus Notes to synchronise events and e-mails. We created a set of reports and dashboards to support sales and marketing management. Finally, we supported the optimisation of the Securex technical landscape in order to establish consistent data quality processes.

The Results


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