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Sales Cloud and Pardot accelerating SD Worx in their digital transformation

The Low Down

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As a leading European payroll and HR services provider, SD Worx provides a wide range of solutions to customers worldwide including payroll and HR, legal support, training, automation, consulting and outsourcing. Today, more than 63,000 large and small organisations across the globe rely on the expertise of SD Worx. SD Worx wants to keep their customers at the center of their organisation while expanding internationally, so they decided to replace their existing Customer Relationship Management system with a Salesforce solution.

The Challenge

SD Worx chose to replace their previous Customer Relationship Management system with a platform that supports their 3 pillars: international growth, customer centricity and digitalisation. They were also looking for a campaign tool that has a seamless integration and enables them to transform their marketing from a campaign driven approach toward an inbound approach. Wipro is providing a solution to cover all these challenges and enable SD Worx to:

  • Gain a full overview of Sales and Marketing actions across departments and countries in one tool
  • Have one central point for reliable customer data to report on
  • Manage the accounts & contacts structure
  • Allow for an easy Case and Opportunity follow up during the sales process
  • Design 3 marketing processes:
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Outbound Marketing
    • Internal & External Telemarketing

The Solutions

Sales Cloud as the driver

SD Worx offers not only payroll services to SMB’s and large enterprises, but also provides training and consulting services. Their sales departments are spread across 10 countries in Europe. Thanks to Sales Cloud SD Worx is able to align all sales processes and automate these on one platform.

SD Worx now has an overview of all their accounts and contacts with their related cases and opportunities. Since the customer is at the heart of SD Worx, customer data plays a significant role. Their CRM, Sales Cloud, takes a central role in their corporate data management. All usefull information leads to Salesforce where they have a reliable and up to date 360° view of each customer.

Marketing automation thanks to Pardot

For SD Worx’ marketing department it is important to find a good balance between outbound and inbound campaigns. Wipro implemented Pardot and set up both inbound and outbound marketing processes. By using Pardot, the marketing team are now able to demonstrate the ROI of their campaigns. SD Worx is providing a wide range of services internationally, and Pardot enables SD Worx to have a full view of this and the ability to keep focus.

An integrated solution for telemarketers

SD Worx needed a specific solution for their telemarketers who make appointments with (new) customers so sales can visit them.

Thanks to Sales Console from now on telemarketers can manage multiple records on a single screen. By reducing the amount of clicking and scrolling needed, their manual work is significantly cut down and valuable time saved. Since SD Worx works with both internal telemarketing departments as well as external telemarketing providers it is important that they can all work using the internal system, but with limitations on the available data.

The accelerated power of Pardot & Sales Cloud combined

For SD Worx it was always a top priority to support the collaboration of its sales and marketing departments by picking the right tools. It was crucial that both sales and marketing would have 1 integrated platform. The marketing automation tool Pardot is set up as the organic extension of their Sales Cloud solution.

Thanks to Sales Cloud and Pardot being complementary tools, sales is now also able to take action based on customer feedback. The results of the NPS (Net Promoter Survey) campaign set up in Pardot are immediately available in Sales Cloud. Also 2 different notification flows are set up for customers that are are either a detractor or a promoter. The process is now much more efficient and provides actionable insights towards the customer.

“For SD Worx it was always a top priority to enhance the collaboration of its sales and marketing departments by supporting them with the right tools. That’s why we picked Salesforce and Wipro.”
Filip Verbrigghe, Head of Sales and Marketing Automation at SD Worx

The Results


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