Mobile Industrial Robots

Mobile Industrial Robots

Powering a rapidly growing workforce and partner network with Salesforce

The Low Down

Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) produce and develop mobile robots for professional use to help companies increase the efficiency of their operations. The unique robots are used by manufacturers across a number of industries to automate their in-house transportation tasks and thereby release staff resources for more valuable business tasks.

The Challenge

MIR is growing very rapidly and communicating and collaborating with this increasingly growing workforce and distributor network was starting to become a challenge due to the heavily manual processes they had in place. Data was stored sporadically in different excel sheets and they really lacked that one unified data and pipeline view.

The consequence of this was that they were unable to forecast production and delivery correctly, and they had no real way of tracking their sales opportunities. Their distributor and partner network were holding onto a lot of information that MIR had no visibility of which meant accurately forecasting production and delivery was a huge challenge. They realised that as they as a business were transforming and growing, they also had to transform the way they work.

The Solutions

Solution Design to Maximise Results & Adoption

Wipro partnered with MIR to truly understand their business challenges and design a solution to foster the best results and adoption. This meant taking a multi-cloud approach, with the implementation of Sales Cloud to manage their sales process from end to end and Community Cloud to seamlessly manage their distributor network.

One Global Platform to Connect Employees, Distributors and Partners

Sales and Community Cloud has allowed MIR to have one global platform. Their distributor network and sales reps now have access to the same data and having one centralised data view has transformed the way MIR now operate. They can track the leads that they generate and have the sales team successfully distribute these leads to their partner network, giving them a complete and accurate pipeline overview. Whereas before MIR had very little visibility on pipeline and conversion, they are now able to track leads all the way through the sales cycle and see what is converting into opportunities and closed won business.

“We choose Wipro as our implementation partner because they offered more than just IT insight, they also offered a lot of business process knowledge to help with the technology adoption. They not only focused on the solution but the whole business solution that we had to implement.” - Rasmus Smet Jensen, Group Marketing Manager, MIR

The Results


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