Accelerating sales & marketing with Heroku

The Low Down


Legrand is the global specialist in electrical & digital building infrastructures. Products of Legrand are distributed in over 180 countries. The size of this company is also reflected in their Salesforce platform: with 28 Salesforce Orgs and 790 Salesforce users in France.

The Challenge

Legrand connects with its distributors at trade shows all over France. To make this process even more fun and interesting Legrand wanted to create a Salesforce application that can:

  • Keep track of its customers
  • Answer the need of specific documentation
  • Detect and qualifying projects
  • Take orders, including promotional offers

The Solutions

Trade show application

From using the application at tradeshows some additional requirements came forward:

  • Adapted ergonomics of the application
  • Incentivisation of the sales team to use the electronic device
  • Offline availability of the application

Fully branded experience

From data capturing to ordering product documentation, the application made all the administrative tasks quick and easy, in a fully branded environment.

Gamification to increase adoption

To increase the adoption of the application our team added some gamification, this meant the sales team were incentivised to use the electronic device and the customers were happy to leave their contact information.

Fast deployment with Heroku

Thanks to Heroku the redevelopment of the application only took 1 month. Heroku easily integrates with Salesforce, so the data was synchronised very quickly.

“We experienced a 30% increase of leads at tradeshows thanks to the Heroku solution Wipro provided. Our customer experience increased massively thanks to some gamification in the process.”

Raynal Bailly, Project Manager, Legrand

The Results


Increase in data collection


Time saving thanks to efficient documentation sending


Increase in lead generation

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