Why you should consider a career in CLM

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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a growing market, as organisations continue to digitise and automate their processes. The recent release of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud proves there is a growing demand to modernise a customer’s system of agreement to do business faster with less risk, lower cost, and better experiences for customers and employees.

4C has been helping customers implement CLM since August 2017, delivering DocuSign, SpringCM and Conga solutions. Often these projects form part of a larger Salesforce implementation or integrate with a client’s existing Salesforce instance, but they can also be implemented as stand alone solutions.

With the growth anticipated for this market and a serious talent shortage on the horizon, we spoke with one of our CLM Consultants, Jani Van Hecke on why a Salesforce Consultant should consider a move into CLM.

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Jani Van Hecke, CLM Consultant, 4C

Why should a Salesforce professional consider a career in CLM?
CLM allows you to expand not only your technical knowledge from a data-driven tool that is Salesforce, to a document-driven tool like SpringCM. Also from a functional point of view it demands from you to think about solutions from another perspective, which is very enriching.

How has joining the CLM team improved your future career prospects within the Salesforce ecosystem?
Working in the CLM team has given me access to building relationships with other partners (Docusign, SpringCM, Conga), other types of clients and stakeholders within the business.

Why is it beneficial to have Salesforce experience?
Having Salesforce experience in a CLM practice, allows you to better understand how to integrate both type of systems in the best way possible, not only from an architectural point of view, but also by understanding the interests of all stakeholders involved, so you are capable of delivering an effective end-to-end lead-to-cash process. Next to that, it helps you to translate the data into actual manageable content, being able to help and advise customers to find the right synergy between both types of systems.

What is the best thing about working in the CLM team at 4C?
Being part of a very dynamic and knowledgeable team. The biggest benefit is being able to accelerate your knowledge, by having a very open platform where each member of the team helps each other in designing and building the right solutions. The beers are nice too.

What is the biggest misconception about what you do?
CLM is ‘just’ document generation. The practice is about automating the entire lifecycle of an agreement.

What is the most exciting part of your role?
Helping and advising customers, which are enterprise companies on the forefront of market-breaking digital transformation, with their business and technological challenges.

Interested to learn more? Our CLM team is growing fast and we have multiple opportunities to join the team at different levels, from Graduate Consultants up to Senior hires. Get in touch with our hiring team to find out more or sign up to our monthly careers newsletter to stay up to date with the latest careers and gain an insight into #lifeat4C!