What Drives Us to Action in Dubai

Posted On by Veronica Abalos

Our values are the heartbeat of our business; the lifeblood of our organization. This is why whatever we set ourselves to do, we are eager to accompany our efforts with:

  • Passion
  • A “Can Do” attitude
  • Respect
  • A desire to inspire

In fact, this is what drew Divya, solution architect and winner of the 2019 MVP award, to join our Dubai team! A fantastic problem-solver, she became the first hire in the Middle Eastern region and has contributed to 4C Dubai’s phenomenal growth over the last few years.


With an initial team of three, it would not have been possible for 4C to grow in the region without the drive and dedication of the team, now with 24 valuable members. The “Ohana” culture 4C prides itself on means that everybody is willing to go out of their way to support their team members, with the collective aim to be successful and achieve their goals. This support looked like (and continues to look like) team members having an invested and genuine interest in one another’s well-being as professionals and as individuals. As Divya rightly observed, “the growth speaks for itself”.

A “Can Do” Attitude

Our “Can Do” attitude means that irrespective of challenges, we are always looking to do whatever it takes to move forward. We are a team with vast capabilities and a hunger to continually learn and do better.
Facing a challenge? We have a solution!


We care for one another and we care for our clients. We always recommend the products or services that we consider to be the best fit for our customers and we make every effort to place ourselves in their shoes to understand the situation from their perspective. Moreover, our ethics are shared across the team, after all, integrity is a part of our DNA.

A Desire to Inspire

Our values are cultivated as we lead by example, foster a positive working environment, and seek feedback for continued improvement. Because of this, our values are always at the forefront of our minds. We all learn from one another, acknowledge our virtues, and celebrate our many victories!

The Customer Comes First

These values don’t just stay with us! We carry them with us into every customer interaction as we seek to build trust and deliver unparalleled business solutions and customer partnerships.

If you are looking for a team of friendly and committed specialists to navigate the world of Salesforce and CRM with you, look no further than 4C!