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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at 4C Paris? Last week we interviewed Rémi Bonigen, a Consultant who arrived at 4C earlier this year, and asked how he has found the working environment, team spirit and what his overall impression of the company has been since he started.

What is you background and have you always wanted to become a consultant?

I graduated from an engineering school (HEI) in 2016, majoring in industrial and logistical operations management & medical and health engineering.

I haven’t always wanted to become Consultant and at first was more interested in the oil and manufacturing industries. I did several internships but I didn’t enjoy working in these sectors and wanted a change, so applied to join 4C.

What are your first impressions of 4C?

My impression is that it’s a dynamic, young company with significant growth going on. It’s a really nice enviroment to work in. As well as that, the people here are super cool and we all get along. You have to organise yourself and are given responsibilities - it’s very empowering.

What is your mission as a consultant?

I customise the Salesforce platform for our clients. Initially we run workshops to understand their expectations and how they want their CRM to be designed. Secondly, we come up with solutions that meet these needs and so they can maximise their investment.

What do you like about working at 4C?

To me 4C is a young and growing company with a great working environment. I already feel like it will be a very hard place to leave! There is a strong sense of being part of a team and collaboration, with lots of dynamic people who are passionate about what they are doing. There’s the bright side of the work we are doing here and also of the people we get to work with. The role as a consultant is challenging but fun!

What about team spirit at work?

Team spirit and cohesion at work is a very important. When you’re happy, you work well and it benefits our clients. We have regular team bonding activities and after work socials planned over the next few months, which everyone is looking forward to.

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