My number 1 advantage of working at 4C: flexibility!

Posted On by Jens Martens

Since I started working at 4C, I haven’t had 2 days that were alike.

Some days I have worked on delivering technical aspects of a project through detailed configuration or workshops, other days I’ve worked on sales or presales activities. I’ve done internal work, administrative tasks and multiple teambuilding activities. Some days I spend commuting to work with my company car or public transport, others I walk or bike to our office in Mechelen. I have been in different regions of Belgium, but I’ve also had the opportunity to work abroad, in France and the Netherlands. In general, most work is done from behind a desk. That desk though, can either be in a busy office, a quiet coffee place, on the Thalys or simply at home.

This last part, working at home, is still somewhat of a taboo within the consulting industry as a whole. At 4C, the emphasis lies on getting the work done and making sure it is up to standard, whether that is done from your own couch or from one of our offices is of little importance. However, what is an important aspect, is staying connected with your colleagues as well as with the client. Whether this is done face to face or through WebEx, Hangouts, Whatsapp, conference call or any other digital alternative is also of little importance.

At 4C, we put more emphasis on spending quality time with our colleagues. During sporting events such as Padel, the Brussels Ekiden Run or the Urban Trail in Mechelen, After Work drinks, Company Weekends and many other events we meet for quality time rather than spending time next to each other staring at our pc screens.

Because of this flexibility at 4C, as well as the fact that working on your couch gives you a huge back ache after a couple of hours, I decided to build my own home office. Ok, maybe office is a bit of an overstatement, but I definitely made myself a quite comfortable desk! During the weekends I started collecting old wine boxes and finally created a unique piece of furniture that allows me to be maximally productive from my home environment. The result is not only nice-looking, but also functional. On top of that, I created a small part of my home that is now dedicated to work, allowing better separation of my personal and professional space and time.

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In general, I think it’s hard to say whether an individual is more productive in his or her home environment and this is probably a personality related debate. On the other hand, I think opening this debate in your work environment can only have a positive outcome. Lifting the taboo shrouding remote working, in my opinion, is something that would benefit almost every employer.

Eliminating time on the road, no unnecessary off time to receive packages or workmen, more efficiency due to less distractions and more. These can all be advantages of increased flexibility at work and the possibility of working remote.

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