5 reasons to be excited about Salesforce in 2019

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The Salesforce platform is the core of what 4C does.

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What is Salesforce? And why are we so excited about it in 2019?

Salesforce is a global CRM leader. It has helped businesses across the world evolve and grow by moving software to the cloud for over 16 years.

In a nutshell, Salesforce is a Customer Success Platform. It has devised innovative social and mobile cloud products which, with their flagship sales and CRM applications, create fantastic new ways of connecting customers, partners and employees.

1. The outlook for Salesforce in 2019 (revenue, growth)

Salesforce has grown hugely since its creation, becoming the World’s leading CRM, and it certainly has a bright outlook for 2019.

What is Salesforce worth in 2019? [April 2019]

Currently worth $123 billion USD, the company employs in excess of 30,000 staff, with more than 150,000 customers and growing, its revenue is generated as:

CRM market share 19.6%

Sales Cloud sales 34%

Service Cloud sales 30%

Marketing Cloud Sales 15%

2018 was another incredible year for Salesforce’s growth, reaching a staggering $13 billion in revenue faster than any other software company in history.

But at Salesforce they say it is just the beginning, which is why they’re now targeting $26 to $28 billion in revenue by FY23.

2. The next big thing for Salesforce (new products)

Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management software in the world. In order to remain the leader in cloud-based CRM solutions, it continually updates its products with new features that ensure you attract, keep and find new customers.

Here are 5 of the best Salesforce’s products and updates being released in 2019:

Pinned Lists

When you log into Salesforce, there are saved lists you want to be able to see immediately and with this new update, you can create go-to lists to load as your default lists. This new feature will allow users, who have access, to make any list their default, saving considerable time and increasing productivity.

Public Calendars

The Salesforce Lightning Experience is adding public calendars, which will efficiently and easily keep a busy team informed and all projects on schedule. As long as your calendar is public, you can create a new appointment, view it or amend it with ease, allowing for a smoother experience.

This is a great improvement on previous updates where reps couldn’t access calendars from the Salesforce Lightning Experience, which is the next generation of Salesoforce. It will also allow reps to hide public calendars from their own calendar view.

Resource Booking for events

Some meetings require presentation equipment, this new tool will avoid double-booking of items. Users will also be able to compare the availability of multiple resources, by adding resource calendars to their own calendar view, a great time-saving perk.

12 columns dashboards

Salesforce users can already create 9-column dashboards, but this update will increase this to 12. The 2019 release includes rows that are half as tall as previous boards, and the addition of more columns and shorter rows, which add multiple layout options and space for additional elements to be added.

Flow builder

In the new update, Cloud Flow Designer has evolved into Flow Builder. Flow building is now visibly streamlined, with a simpler user interface. You can now quickly select the right element or resource to add to your flow.

Due Winter 2020: Lightning Experience rollout

This massive rollout of the Lightning Experience update is due in the Winter of 2020. The new interface is where all the new innovations to Salesforce will be added which encourages users to perform faster and more productively. Transitioning to Lightning Experience will be rolled out gradually, so it’s a good idea for companies to make preparations for the switch as soon as possible. This will ensure you know how your organisation’s features will perform in the new interface and avoid issues before the switch.

3. The big numbers (stats)

Having just announced a record Fourth Quarter, and Full Year Fiscal 2019 Results there simply is no stopping Salesforce:

  • Fourth Quarter Revenue: $3.60 Billion -up 26% on the previous year
  • Total Year Revenue: $13.28 Billion -up 26%
  • Unearned Revenue: $8.56 Billion -up 22%
  • Remaining Performance Obligation: $25.7 Billion -up 25%
  • Operating Cash Flow (4th Quarter): $1.33 Billion -up 27%
  • Operating Cash Flow (Full Year): $3.40 Billion -up 24%

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