4C's AI project TellMi receives support and funding from the Flemish government (VLAIO)

Posted On by Gwendoline Cuppens

When 4C started developing its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) project TellMi in the summer of 2016, they could only have dreamt of the fresh insights, engaging business opportunities and fascinating partners it would bring about. Now 2 years later, 4C has received funding and continued support from VLAIO and formed a durable partnership with KU Leuven. On top of that, TellMi has become part of PAPUD, an international project concerned with developing a universal data analytics model through deep learning.

Elated with the progress of TellMi, Veerle Liébaut, Business Unit Manager Extreme Insights 4C, commented:

“The official support from VLAIO for our TellMi project confirms that 4C is undertaking groundbreaking work in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It is a true privilege to work closely with internationally renowned experts like Dr. Prof. Moens of the KU Leuven. Through VLAIO, we’ve been given the opportunity to not only gain new insights but also share our own knowledge and expertise with other companies and universities.”

An overwhelming amount of customer data is unstructured. Emails, web forms and customer feedback surveys are just some of the great tools to stay in touch with your customers. Unfortunately, processing this huge amount of data is awfully time consuming. Being a customer company means that no customer should be ignored. This is exactly where TellMi steps in. TellMi has the ability to not only reveal what your customers are saying but also to detect how they feel about your services.

What distinguishes TellMi from other generic AI models and makes it fascinating on a global scale is its capacity to detect very specific topics in any language. This ensures each and every customer is assisted in his or her preferred language and thus receives an excellent satisfactory service. Automating the analysis of this untapped source of potential data will definitely bring customer service to a whole new level.

“For 4C it has always been of the utmost importance to convert our knowledge of data science and artificial intelligence into business applications. From the very start of our own innovative undertaking we’ve been implementing TellMi for our clients in order to improve their customer experience. A great example is our successful project at NN where we were able to help NN’s service centre potentially save up to 500.000 euro.”

Pascal Borremans, 4C Belgium CEO

The continued backing by VLAIO not only provides the necessary funds to further develop TellMi, it also allows 4C to work together with experts at KU Leuven and connect with like-minded individuals within the PAPUD project. It offers 4C the possibility to increase its already growing pool of talented experts, gain international recognition for designing AI models and perhaps even embark upon a new, even grander, innovative journey.