4C partner with ASTRiiD to help them extend their mission and reach

Posted On by Jessica Stern

4C have recently partnered up with ASTRiiD, a nonprofit connecting businesses with professionals who have long term health problems, but who still have many skills to offer employers. We sat down with Tineke Schrier, Nonprofit Practice Director at 4C to find out more about this partnership and all the ways in which 4C will be supporting ASTRiiD and their mission.


Please can you tell me about about your role and the 4C4U team at 4C?

I am the Business Unit Manager at 4C, for our brand new nonprofit team, 4C4U. I look after the team that is going to work solely with nonprofits and charities. We will be focused on helping them reach more supporters and extend their reach using the Salesforce technology. We have recently officially become a Salesforce.org Impact Partner which means that Salesforce and 4C4U will be working together, to empower nonprofits with technology that can help them reach their business objectives and increase their impact.

4C recently started working with ASTRiiD, please can you tell me a bit about ASTRiiD and their mission?

ASTRiiD are pretty new on the charity scene, they have an amazing story. In a nutshell, ASTRiiD help professionals who have long term illnesses find work placement. These individuals have a wide range of skills that they can offer businesses and ASTRiiD helps to connect these pools together. The benefits that ASTRiiD members gain from employment is incredible to see as it allows them to have a new lease on life through the responsibilities, challenges, normality and routine that employment provides. If there are companies that have ad hoc roles they need to fill or short term projects they can look into the ASTRiiD talent pool to fill these vacancies.

How did 4C start working with ASTRiiD?

4C have recently pledged 1%, which means we are going to make sure that each employee spends 1% of their time on social change. As a result of this, one of our employees, who used to work with ASTRiiD in her previous role, connected us with them and the partnership grew from there.

What will 4C be supporting ASTRiiD with?

What we are looking to do with ASTRiiD is not just help them on the Salesforce side but also help them with fundraising and other key initiatives. Supporting their events, donations and helping to generate as much monetary support as we can for them, enabling them to reach their next goal. Then on the technology side, we will be offering ongoing Salesforce support to help them take the solution to the next level; to enable them to extend their reach and connect with more people and businesses, to make an even bigger impact.

Please can you tell me about about how ASTRiiD are using Salesforce’s NPSP and the benefits they are deriving from this?

The Salesforce Power of Us Program (NPSP) helps ASTRiiD reach out to more people and increases diversity and inclusivity within the invisible talent pool. The ASTRiiD team use Sales Cloud for back-end processes such as tracking successful employment placements and capturing new business leads to help match candidate skills to job descriptions. Community Cloud supports them with their on-boarding of new members by sharing resources and nurturing new business leads across the UK. ASTRiiD also have an interactive online app to guide members through the employment application process and capture future employer information for more opportunities.

Can you give us a bit more detail on how nonprofits can use Salesforce?

The great thing about Salesforce is that they offer eligible nonprofits or charities 10 free enterprise licenses. With these, nonprofits are able to take advantage of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). This allows nonprofits to have a 360 degree view of their supporters; for example this could be someone that’s donated, someone that has volunteered or someone that had attended an event. It also gives nonprofits visibility of programmes, so they can assess what level of impact they are having. It really allows them to track the whole donor life cycle.

How can people outside of 4C get involved with supporting ASTRiiD?

There are many ways that people can get involved. In terms of what they need and what most charities need is monetary support, so donations, fundraising and also volunteering. ASTRiiD are really keen to become charity of the year for a range of companies, so if you think your values align with theirs, then they would be extremely happy to hear from you. If you are a company that has adhoc tasks that you need help with, or roles that are not completely full time and you want to be a leader in equality in the workplace then ASTRiid can support you here. Additionally, if your organisation helps those with long term illnesses, it would be great if ASTRiiD be part of the service you provide! I would encourage anyone that may be able to support to get in touch with ASTRiiD directly by signing up on the website, or we at 4C can facilitate this introduction.