3 key takeaways for stay-at-home Dreamforcers

Posted On by Tony Spelkens

Every year the opportunity comes, but every year I let it pass me by. Nevertheless, while sitting in my comfy, Belgian-based chair, I try to follow up what is happening on the other side of the ocean. I put on my marketer’s cap and watch things come to life that I was waiting for for a long time.

After examining the replays, there are 3 key takeaways that I want you to remember:

1. The embedding of AI in CRM: “Smart, smarter, smartest”

Whether it is recommending answers on customer cases, personalised promotions for customers or scoring mechanisms to prioritise leads or opportunities: it’s there. You might be scared of the big black box full of AI, but I know doing some smart black box stuff is better than doing no smart stuff at all. Embedding artificial intelligence (AI) in your systems and strategy, can help you become more relevant for your customer. And if you don’t like black, we can talk white and all shades in between as well. Come and talk to us.

2. The personalised digital experiences: “My my my”

With Commerce Cloud and Community Cloud features, you are able to create adaptive websites and mobile experiences based on knowledge of the customer. A game changer because it has been talked about for years, but actually doing so required a meticulous, intense implementation. You had to combine your website platform, CRM and Marketing solutions, fully backed-up with a clear, precise strategy. With the new features in Commerce Cloud and Community Cloud it should become a piece of cake to create an adaptive online and mobile experience for your customers.

Check out the Adidas story they presented at Dreamforce in this Dreamforce video (The Adidas case starts around 1:00:30).

3. Linking the customer journey in every touchpoint: “Platform all the way”

No longer should there be separate blocks in a company. All the components are finally coming together in order to provide an optimal customer experience. For example:

  • complete view on what is known about a customer
  • what were the customer’s interactions with the Sales, Marketing and Service departments (check out G-Suite integration)
  • knowing how a customer is interacting with you on different apps, websites, stores and communities
  • knowing in advance what you should be saying/providing to the customer as a team (check out supercharged Quip)

For years consumers thought that all companies and especially big brands had this one figured out, but they couldn’t be more wrong. With the Customer Success Platform of today and tomorrow, I really hope that I can forget about quotes like:

  • The promotion you’re referring to is only available on the website, so I can’t help you with that”, said by a customer service agent
  • This campaign is really important so we should target as many people as possible.
  • You just sent me a letter to promote a new product, but you haven’t even resolved my issue with the current one yet!

All these new innovations launched at Dreamforce have one and the same goal: providing customers with the ultimate customer experience. Are you overwhelmed by technology launches or want to know what fits your company best? Our #4Cdreamers have been your eyes and ears at Dreamforce and can definitely guide you in the right direction.