20 years of 4C

Posted On by Johan Van Genechten

20 years of working with incredible people, thank you all;

20 years we’ve been trusted with the opportunity to provide services to amazing management teams, companies, and brands … thank you to all of our customers

20 years gaining continuous inspiration within different specialties and domains … thank you to all those who have inspired and curated information with us;

20 years of seeing our mission to advise and innovate consistently validated by our customers’ success;

After 20 years, we bring together a family of 200 talented people working relentlessly for our customers to support their journeys in becoming and remaining customer companies, companies with a heart, companies that continuously listen to their customers and prospects, companies that know and can predict future customer demands and behaviours, companies that are reachable and accessible whenever and wherever the customer demands.

What we have done in the past, and will continue to do in the future is work with integrity and respect for all organisations with whom we cross paths. We will only promise that which we know we can deliver and help to inspire those who work with us to build the planets most successful customer companies. This is our passion.

20 years on and our work is not complete, we will continue to shape 4C for the future, becoming the organisation of trust for those who want to build sustainable customer companies. We will serve our customers on a paneuropean basis in their local markets and in their local languages … experience shows us that delivering success globally must involve the languages and customs of local people. 4C’s incredible local people.

We look forward to serving you.

To the next 20 years!