Why you should attend Community events like London’s Calling!

Posted On by Jan Vandevelde

With Salesforce constantly developing and bringing out releases, there’s always a new problem, another question or an innovative tool to use so who can you go to when you need to discuss the latest “how-to’s”?

The Salesforce community is a buzzing hub of knowledge and experience, and one that enjoys helping others to overcome their CRM issues so it’s only natural that this community would come together to share that enormous amount of knowledge.

As Belgium User Group Leader I’m a big community fan and advocate. It has provided me with solutions to problems, saved me lots of headaches and allowed me to make new friends. Working at 4C I try to share my passion and stimulate attending User group meetings and events like London’s Calling although this is actually not that hard to do ;).

4C supports its employees and empowers them to gain knowledge and expertise in any way possible as one big happy family! It all fits into the Salesforce #Ohana culture.

London’s Calling is one of the many Dreamin’ events that are popping up on a global scale because of its smaller nature and its focus on delivering the best content to a wide variety of Salesforce professionals. London’s Calling is a one day Salesforce event by and for the community! An event that is targeting Salesforce admins, developers and professionals to come together and learn from each other.

Of course, we just had to be present at this #AWESOME European Community Event.

Londons calling group 2

The 4C Consulting, CloudRebelz & CloudSocius Families United!

Community Salesforce events like London’s Calling or FrenchTouchDreamin offer up some pretty big benefits to attendees so let me give you my top 5 reasons why attending is beneficial to your Salesforce career:

  • Gain New Skills
  • Connect with other Salesforce professionals
  • Learn about features you are not accustomed to work with…yet ;)
  • Speak directly and ask questions about products from AppExchange Partners
  • Gain new insights and get inspired

And here’s what some of my colleagues had to say about this event

Londons calling 2017 jasmijn

“For me, the visit to London’s Calling was amazing. I got the chance to get to know some colleagues better while gaining new ideas and insights. It was a day with some very interesting sessions. There was a very inspirational and fun atmosphere. I loved the demo jam, a perfect opportunity to see new possibilities. London was calling me and I’m glad I answered!”

Londons calling 2017 joost

“London’s Calling consisted of a healthy mix of sessions from other Salesforce enthusiasts and professionals. In-depth Salesforce topics were complemented with more generalist and inspirational talks. Although all sessions were interesting, the most engaging one, for me, was about auditing an existing Salesforce org. Very concrete tips and best practices were shared with the audience. As I recently did an audit, it allowed me to look at things from a different perspective and reflect about some aspects on which we could improve on in the future. I’d definitely recommend London’s Calling to everyone coming into contact with Salesforce on a regular basis, as the range of topics of the sessions is so broad that you will find something particular that you can really use in your daily life.”

Londons calling 2017 frisine

“I Loved London’s Calling because of its smaller character. Sessions had more specific subjects than larger Salesforce events. This also made it easier to network with peers and partners. Overall it was a great learning opportunity that felt more personal than the well know World Tours.”

Londons calling 2017 arne

“London’s calling was my first salesforce event and I am very grateful that I could participate in an event like this during my first month at 4C Consulting. What positively surprised me was the enthusiasm of all the people participating and organizing the event. Even though I am a “newbie” in the salesforce world, the content presented at the event was very interesting and presented in a fun way. My favourite part of the day was the demo jam where several apps had to try to sell themselves to the audience in only three minutes. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to meet the people behind the apps and ask some questions. After all these learning experiences, it was time to head over to the bar and end the day with some drinks.”

Londons calling 2017 ingrid

“When London is calling, who can resist? So off we went …

4C Consulting recently joined forces with Cloudsocius, and a visit to London was the perfect opportunity to get to know our new colleagues. We got a warm welcome and in his role as a partner relation manager, Gary told us about their preferred partners on the AppExchange.

On the London’s calling event, we were able to meet with them and enjoyed their dashing presentations at the demo jam. Each partner had 3 minutes to showcase their app and at the end the audience voted for their favorite one. My favorite is ‘Distribution Engine’. Their slogan ‘Lead assignment made easy’ and the eye-catching and graphical UI got my attention as a sales cloud consultant. It is a powerful and easily configurable rules based engine that ensures your Leads, Opportunities (or any standard or custom objects) are distributed to team members in an intelligent and timely manner. As a result, fairness and productivity are increased.

As 4C we yearly go to the World Tour in Amsterdam and I was blessed to also attend Dreamforce 16. I must say I absolutely love the vibe on these big Salesforce events where you get a boost of inspiration. But the more pragmatic sessions on the #LC2017 event and the more intimate atmosphere to network really made this day into a #learning #eyeopener #meetnewpeople #lovethetshirt day.

And what a perfect keynote to end the day! Berlinda Parmar Obe talked about empathy, something the world can’t get enough off. She showed us how little nudges can make a big impact, so let’s all combine our (Sales)forces to put empathy into practice.”

I have met some interesting people at the event and heard some great stories on how they became involved with Salesforce. I also Learned a lot from the sessions given by experts in the field. Attending London’s calling was a valuable experience and I’m sure we’ll be joining again next year!