Why I became a 4C Salesforce Consultant

Posted On by Frisine Heyvaert

To me, it’s been clear from the start; I want to be a business consultant and help all kinds of organizations with the challenges they are facing nowadays. For me these challenges come from the ongoing digitalization and growing strength of the customer – they can easily leave, but add so much value when loyal to your brand and services. It’s this combination that led me to become a CRM / Salesforce.com consultant at 4C.

Salesforce.com Consultant. That is implementation consulting, right? Yes, in generalized terms it is and I need to admit it was not my first choice. It “seemed” a bit boring: setting up requirements in big hefty systems. I stress the word “seemed” because nothing is less true. There is so much more to it. At the start of my application process at 4C, I had the chance to join their bus full of colleagues and customers to the Salesforce World Tour in Amsterdam. Which emerged me in the philosophy and goal of Salesforce.com. Salesforce is all about creating customer success by facilitating businesses in managing their customers’ info and relations on all business areas and levels. It is a very diverse and innovative product. For them, 4C and myself, finding the best way to suit a company’s needs is not just about defining some buttons and views on certain information. But about where our customer wants to go and how we can create action-oriented behaviour to enable them to keep moving forward towards their goals. This strategic exercise and the diverse possibilities within Salesforce.com makes it interesting and challenging to work with. This variety in the job as a consultant is exactly what I was looking for to keep me on top of my game.

But the job by itself doesn’t stand alone. I was searching for a company that matches with my personal beliefs. There are lots of reasons why 4C ended up being my match, but I’ll try to summarize the most important ones.

First things first. As a person I strongly believe in the power of a team effort over the individual one. Therefore I was happy to encounter very dynamic people and teams at 4C. My colleagues and I have a passion for reaching our goals together and often collaborate on projects by sharing knowledge. Even while I was working towards my Salesforce Certificate, which is of course a lot of individual studying, it was hard to miss the eagerness of my colleagues to help and share their expertise with me.

On the other side 4C is a young and growing company with a very open culture. Everyone, even a junior, is prompted and appreciated to share their ideas and contribute to the next great thing 4C can do as a company towards its employees, customers etc. There are teams working around topics such as marketing and entertainment. I joined the Health Team to help build an ergonomic work space and encourage colleagues to support their hard work with a fit and healthy lifestyle. For instance, I’m very much looking forward to the Ekiden run in the fall!

And last but definitely not least: since I am an ambitious person, I really want my employer to give me the time, possibilities and resources to grow on a professional level. Even after a couple of weeks I can confirm that this is the case. I quickly was entrusted with own responsibilities in different parts of the project lifecycle, enabling me to develop my skills and knowledge on different areas.

So if you are ambitious, willing to grow and want to share your passion for helping businesses reach their goals, I highly recommend you to reach out and talk to one of my colleagues or myself and see for yourself that the proof really is in the people.