The 7 top features of the new Spring ’17 release

Posted On by Arezou Eghbali

Winter is in the air but the spring is slowly coming our way … As you know time flies and we are already able to use some exciting new features. To keep you up to speed with all the latest and greatest, we’ve listed the top 7 features of the “Salesforce Spring ‘17” release!

1. Lightning Experience for Service (Beta)

The Service Console is now available in Lightning Experience. This feature helps sales reps and agents to spot the information they need faster. In this release, the interface is nicer, more user friendly and more clear. To get us up and running in the console quickly, Salesforce provides us an app called “Service Console” which is customizable with just a few clicks. The Service Console app comes with. • Preconfigured Lightning page which includes Related Record components • Related List components • the Knowledge sidebar which can be used to search articles • Preconfigured utility bar with History and Notes • Compact case feed: It is enhanced to make it easier for busy agents to quickly understand the case progression at a glance. This change applies to Lightning Experience only. You might also wish that the customer emails, Facebook posts or Tweets are automatically turned to cases. You can now do all this using Lightning Service Setup (Beta) by following a few simple prompts.

2. Lightning readiness check

This feature will help you out to check if your organisation is ready for Lightning Experience. With just a click, you can have a personalized Readiness Report with advice and recommendations about what you need to do to get ready for Lightning Experience. If there is any question about the report, you can schedule a live support call with a Lightning expert who can get you on the right path.

3. Automatically add emails and events to Salesforce with Automated Activity Capture for your inbox

This fantastic feature lets user automatically capture and store their emails and calendars into the related Salesforce records. The objects for which the Automated Activity Capture is available for are accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and person accounts. They can also see related emails and events from others on their team. This feature is new in Lightning Experience. To ensure privacy, each user can control which emails and events are added to Salesforce and who sees them. This feature is also powered by Einstein.

4. Commerce Insights

Commerce Insights is a top feature for Salesforce cloud powered by Einstein. Insights will capture shopper, order and product data which helps brands to power smarter shopping experience and show their customers the best products and deals. The channels you can work with are web, mobile devices, social media, stores, and other emerging channels.

5. Audience Targeting for Pages & Groups

This feature allows you to assign a page not only to a profile but to a specific location or a record type. For example, you can configure a page which is visible to Marketing users in Brussels only. The priority is determined in this order: Profile – Record type - Location

6. Salesforce sign-on for Quip

There are already over a million users who prefer to use Quip’s living document rather than emails, attachments and several messaging apps. This new feature is adopted now in Salesforce and will help us to create, share and discuss the work/projects in only one place which is accessible by other teammates. Everybody can make sure all documents are last version. @mentions are an effective way to bring your teammates into conversations where there’s context so it’s easy to jump in and contribute. Quip has a concept of Group and Shared folders. Group folders are for documents that the entire company has access to, for example policies and procedures, helpdesk articles, and general information docs. Shared folders are great to organize work for teams, departments, or projects.

7. Bulk Actions

This is a powerful feature which allows us to create custom bulk actions that apply to all records shown in a table widget of a Wave designer dashboard. We might use Bulk Actions to update records or perform an action on each of them. For example, we can choose a list of users and send them a reminder.

Get ready to use these 7 new features and simplify your life! If you want more information, you can always contact us or read all about it in the Salesforce Spring ’17 Release Notes. Or grab some popcorn and watch the Spring ‘17 Release Overview videos ;)