4C renews its Salesforce.com Platinum Partner status

Posted On by Kris Lariviere

‘We are proud that, for the third consecutive year, 4C is a Platinum Partner in the Cloud Alliance Partner Program. With a high level of quality, creativity and flexibility, increased Salesforce capabilities and proven success, 4C helps customers connect to their customers in a whole new way.’ ~ Michel Schrok, Director Alliances & Channels GTM Benelux

Just as an ISO certification demonstrates that our service meets the highest expectations, the Platinum Partner status acknowledges that when you choose to work for us or with us, you work with the right people and achieve the right results. This status is based on a few different factors. First and foremost: your satisfaction when working with us. But there’s also your growth. And our ability to help you innovate.

Making your vision a reality

We are now the only regional Platinum Partner in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Geared with 20 years of exclusive CRM expertise, our localised and personalised approach incorporates best practices and industry experience. And this is what customers have indicated they need to realise their visions and ambitions. After all, a standard, ready-to-apply solution is not necessarily going to get you where you want to go. It won’t help you when you want to pursue original ideas.

But knock on our door and you’ll find all the skills you need to make your vision a reality. As a Platinum Partner, you can be sure we have the right knowledge, insights and capabilities. You’ll also be confident we keep them at the cutting edge. We also have services such as the ability to design and transform, and to turn data into meaningful and actionable insights. We are already expanding internationally, allowing you to benefit from the expertise from our offices in France and partnerships abroad.

The proof is in the people

The flexibility and diversity in the services provided by 4C result from the way we coach—and challenge—our employees. We encourage them to expand their knowledge and follow their interests. If their interests fall outside our typical focus, it’s not a problem: they may still be within your area of focus. You then benefit from a streamlined approach to incorporating them.

At the same time, our consultants are encouraged to specialise, motivating them to push boundaries and innovate. In turn, their ingenuity allows you to achieve something new and original. Which is exactly what sets you apart from your competition.

Looking to the future

The Platinum Partner status means we have been taking the right steps. Working with the right people. Achieving high standards and results. But this is not where the story ends. Because you don’t just want to rely on us today. You still need someone to meet your demands tomorrow. And this is why we look to the future.

As a Platinum Partner, we believe it’s more important than ever before to challenge our own perceptions and abilities. We were glad to have two busloads of existing and future customers and employees joining the Salesforce World Tour in Amsterdam. It’s encouraged us to sponsor the Salesforce Essentials Event as well as the World Tour in Paris. You’ll also find 4C crew members and customers at Dreamforce in San Francisco. Both these events will allow us to get first-hand information from our peers, offer our views and demonstrate our abilities to you. It’s an opportunity for us to present our take on your challenges and a great way for us to prepare for your future.