Salesforce Lightning, will it strike?

Posted On by Frederick Vijverman

The new Salesforce User Interface, Salesforce Lightning, is a hot topic lately. However, it took more than 48 product releases, thousands of features and millions of Salesforce users before the new fresh and clean UI was born. So why did it take so long for Salesforce to finally develop this modern user interface?

Powerful Platform

First of all Salesforce is built by engineers, which do not exactly speak the same language as the end user. Moreover as the user base of Salesforce increased drastically, the program had to match the needs of various companies and industries. There is no one way of using Salesforce. Over time it became a product customizable to every business. Everything is possible as long as you are comfortable with using Visual Force pages. This multi-usage makes it a powerful platform with endless possibilities, but difficult to have an easy and clean UI when you’re not prepared to spend time and money on customizing the tool.

Striking lightning

The latest update is a major redesign and is all about making the tool more modern and future-proof. Let’s have a look at what could make that lightning strike. The basic features are lightning blocks.

Blog salesforce lightning 1

When we compare with the old interface, we also see that the vertical bar has replaced the old-fashioned tabs.

Blog salesforce lightning 2

More and more people are getting things done on the go. The new interface is especially designed to work across all screen sizes to support phone, tablet, computer and even the Apple watch. There was definitely a need to find information more efficiently and visualize data comprehensively.

Software solution

Salesforce is more than a CRM tool. Its software solution offers support for sales, marketing and service and with the launch of Salesforce Wave it integrates analytics in its software offering. The new user interface will eventually support the integration of these different services and the whole line will get the new look and feel.

Upgrade and adopt

Users mostly complain when improvements to UI are made. People do not like change. In case of lightning this will be different, it will definitely help adoption of the platform in the future.

Discover the new Salesforce now by upgrading or use the trailhead module to get your first experience. Tell us what you think about the new user interface!