I really need my coffee

Posted On by Fredric Joos

I really need by coffee. That’s why I was so disappointed when I noticed that slowly but surely my big Nespresso-friend was dispensing less and less of the early-morning-good-stuff. And this after just six months! Yesterday the volume of my regular morning Americano wasn’t even enough to fill an Espresso cup so I decided to contact their service line.

I wasn’t in my best mood, to say the least. Imagining having to drag the machine back to the store reminded me of my busy schedule. When would I have the time to do this? These stores are mostly not open when I’m available, which is why last year as a typical Belgian I had waited until the Christmas period to buy it. And if I would find the time to get there, how long would it take them to repair it? Would they even be able to do so? The ultimate doom scenario of having to find the warranty ticket back was slowly growing at the back of my mind.

But guess what. Instead of sending me out in the cold, the contact agent actually managed to make me smile again. “From what I can see you have ordered about 600 cups from our e-shop since buying your machine, sir, is that right?”

That sounded realistic indeed. I remember feeling quite surprised that he knew that, but what happened afterwards made me even more enthusiastic.

“Is there an orange light flashing in front of the machine, sir? Did you know that our machines need de-chalking every 500 cups?”

Of course I didn’t.

In what followed he friendly guided me towards the in-app store, where a de-chalking set was available. After ordering, the delivery only took one day and it made my whole machine “brew as new”. Good morning, great customer service!

Analysis - Why was this experience so great?

A successful experience happens whenever performance exceeds expectations. Having very low expectations about this interaction I was actually keeping the goal wide open for Nespresso to score.

Disgruntled customers are in fact great opportunities to win points among your customers. For Nespresso I wasn’t the first person to be confronted with this problem. For them to have this recovery process ready means that they have actively listened to previous complainers and found a suitable solution for it.

It’s clear that Nespresso has invested in CRM systems and data warehouses, since the agent could immediately see my purchase history. He used it to provide me with very relevant advice. This saved both me and Nespresso quite some time.

I would have given them a ten if they would have offered me the first de-chalking set for free. After all they have access to all data necessary to see that I had indeed never ordered one before. They now educated me on how to do so, which will probably result in future orders coming from me.

Now let’s have that coffee, shall we? Enjoy the weekend!