4 reasons 4C makes me want to get up at 5am

Posted On by Bert Van De Velde

In the last few weeks Nathalie (my HR colleague) and I were present at the graduate career fairs in Leuven and Ghent. Our goal? Meeting bright and motivated students who would be interested to join our 4C team after their graduation. Not sure how many vacancies there are on the market for our target audience, but it is a fact there are more vacancies than graduates. Besides that there is a “War for Talent”, there’s also a battle in having the coolest booth, most inspiring recruitment event or the hippest campaign.

Glad to say we had a lot of success in students wanting to get to know us. Was it because we were first in the career guide (your company name starting with a number is always a good idea because you are always first on reference websites or other marketing collateral)? Maybe it was due to the excellent efforts of our marketing team in designing our booth? Or was it because our gadgets included M&Ms? All I know for certain, is that that my voice started to crack after 2.5 hours and the line of students hadn’t stopped yet! And, to my great enthusiasm, the reasons they wanted to talk to us are very well in line with my arguments why you should join the 4C group, not only as a graduate, but also as an experienced professional:

1) First of all, the business domain 4C that is in is extremely interesting and relevant these days! Our consultants have the privilege to work in a business that set the direction and shape how a company adapts itself to a changing customer landscape. That makes that you can have a true impact as a consultant on the business results and future of our clients. And as Simon Sinek states in one of his inspiring presentations, one of the key expectations of the millennials at work is having impact. Well, at 4C, you can have impact, with no doubt!

2)That makes that the work you’ll be doing is intellectually stimulating, innovative and extremely divers. We do try to leverage on proven methodologies, but in most cases we guide our clients through a journey that has never been done before. So, yes, as a consultant, we capitalize a lot on your intellectual skills, but (as I talked about in my previous blog about Insights) to the same extent on your EQ, your personality, your positivism and determinism to guide a client through his challenges.

3) You will always be able to support on one thing at 4C, and that’s our people. We strongly believe that our people make our company unique by their strong willingness to help each other, to believe in each other and to act as one family, not only in a work context, but also in outside work activities and company parties. Check out our Facebook page for proof!

4) All three of the above make that we can create a work environment that creates lots of opportunities for consultants. We may believe that we create them as a company, but in fact it is the other way around, by showing their potential they create the opportunities for themselves. It is a true pleasure to hear from our team leads that consultants after only 2 months lead their own workshops, take the initiative to manage their own project or gets a group of end-users enthusiastic with CPQ training they worked on for hours/days until it was top-notch quality. We are proud to have our consultants presenting on the Salesforce World Tour or Dreamforce with less than one year experience. There sure is a bright future for them at 4C!

Today we are taking a bunch of students with us to the Salesforce World Tour in Amsterdam, hoping to inspire them with all, and more, of the above. They will get to chance to truly live the exciting world of Salesforce and meet a lot of our clients who all face this challenge to become (or stay) a customer company.

I wasn’t looking forward to setting my alarm clock at 5am to get on the bus to Amsterdam, but thankfully the enthusiasm, drive and commitment of everyone makes up for it more than enough!