3 ways Salesforce can boost your productivity

Posted On by Selvina Poric

Increase customer satisfaction. Close deals faster. Manage resources efficiently.

You may have an idea that Salesforce solutions are a good investment for managing customers and serving their needs, but have you considered that Salesforce can actually increase the productivity of your entire sales team? Here’s how:

1. Close leads faster

“Salesforce boosts your lead conversion by 32%.”

The most common challenges for your sales reps is managing their time and the sales pipeline to bring in a steady flow of new customers.

We reveal the top eight issues that hinder the process of closing deals faster:

Lead conversion

Is Salesforce the solution?

Salesforce gives your sales reps more time and valuable resources to sell by simplifying their selling processes. This is how Salesforce helps you overcome the issues in your lead conversion process:

(i) Trending analysis to close more deals

Your sales reps can calculate the win/loss ratio on opportunities. They can see monthly trends with opportunities in the pipeline and have a breakdown of the number of closed deals versus quota.

(ii) Better visibility into customer information

Enable your sales reps to develop an account strategy to generate quality leads. Your sales team can see all their accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, and events in a single place, fully customised on any mobile platform. This benefits you with convenience and a 360-degree view of your customer.

(iii) Improved account planning

Reps can create their own dashboards to understand their performance- at a glance! They can see critical information in various graphs format and track the amount of time committed to each account and the outcome of their efforts.

(iv) Easy collaboration

Your sales reps can share valuable information about clients with the marketing and customer service teams through Salesforce Chatter. This keeps everyone in the sales process loop.

2. Understand your clients better

“Increase your customer retention by as much as 27%.”

Customers are the most valuable asset of your company. Your clients provide important feedback, and serve as a springboard for new concepts and ideas. The relationships that you cultivate with your customer-base will determine your company’s level of success.

Gathering the right information about your customers to facilitate a working relationship with your customers can be a difficult task. Collecting data about your clients is the first step to customer success, but it does not end there. The competitive advantage is gained when you have the right tools to keep your data accurate and the records of your customer transactions, preferences, needs, and concerns strategically organised.

Salesforce for happier customers

Investing in a CRM system is the key to giving your clients what they want. Salesforce streamlines the engaging process with your customers to make sure their needs are met in a timely manner. It helps you communicate more efficiently, strategically organise your data and improve your customer service.

3. Cut down on administrative tasks

“Salesforce increases your overall productivity by 32%.”

Cutting down the time spent on administrative tasks is not only essential for efficiency’s sake, but for maximising sales too. Along with the surface details of any sale, there are many smaller tasks that must be completed for everything to function properly. These are time-consuming, yet a vital aspect of the sales process.

Salesforce is designed to take the burden of administrative tasks through automation. Your sales team can be more focused on closing leads and resolving customer pain points.