4 reasons why SMB's should adopt Marketing Cloud

Posted On by Tony Spelkens

Grow your business. Design highly converting campaigns. Spark customer conversations. Automate customer interactions.

SMBs struggle to do more with less, their margins are squeezed and choosing the right marketing tools to boost productivity can be a hard. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the best-in-class content and automation tool is a cost-effective solution for any SMBs, helping them to design highly converting campaigns.

Marketing Cloud helps your company build and maintain online communities across social networks and web with data-driven customer insights from initial contact through to point of purchase.

We reveal 4 reasons why small and medium sized companies are better off with Marketing Cloud:

1. Increase productivity

“SMBs that use Salesforce Marketing Cloud have gross profits 21% higher than their competitors.”

Not only is Marketing Cloud a popular substitute for expensive infrastructure, but it has all the features you need to ensure market growth through specific targeted campaigns. Connecting with customers on any channel or device in real-time is the first step to ensuring a great customer experience.

The real deal for SMBs is responding and anticipating customers’ needs to assist them in their unique journey. Luckily, the Marketing Cloud integrates data-driven intelligence to facilitate campaigns around your customers’ preferences and to increase your market share.

2. Sync marketing, sales and service interactions

“Drive strategic goals with new insights and turn data into action across the connected platform.”

A common challenge in SMBs is delivering consistent messaging to customers through marketing, sales and service channels. With Marketing Cloud, you can gain full control over a customer’s buying cycle when synchronising the data available in all departments. Marketing Cloud empowers SMBs to offer seamless customer experience when connecting apps, products, and spaces to deliver a unified brand image.

3. Measure campaign results

“Go from managing business-centric KPIs to building long lasting relationships with your customers.”

SMBs can drive business results and manage ad campaigns at scale with Marketing Cloud. You can use Salesforce customer data to target and measure results across web, mobile and social media channels. Marketing Cloud increases email open rates by 60% and boosts a mobile campaigns effectiveness by 59%. You can test multiple variations of content, channel, timing, and frequency to connect at a personal level with your customers.

Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and measure the results of your campaigns in useful reports and dashboards. Track every action of your customers on your website including page views, click-through rates and automatically recommend products, content, and offers to build stronger customer relationships.

4. Automate customer journeys

“Automatically identify and respond to customers on channels they prefer.”

SMBs save valuable time when running marketing campaigns on autopilot with Marketing Cloud. You can use predictive intelligence to replace and improve manual processes and automate internal journeys for your employees. You can spark conversations with your customers with automatic and real-time interactions.