I want to be a civil servant

Posted On by Johan Van Genechten

Kanam, Kerala, November 27, 2015.

Finally I got the opportunity to join Christophe Lambert on one of his many trips to the projects in Southern India. Christophe started Vanakam vzw in order to give orphans or kids coming from poor families a chance for a better future.

Our first stop is the boys’ home in Kanam, Kerala. Welcomed by a group of enthusiastic kids, having an unconditional smile, we got introduced to Annamma who is the local responsible of the project. She guided us around and immediately we realised that she is a mother for these 57 kids, always available for them and giving them guidance when needed. What surprised me is that the kids also elected a leader. Although he has a Bollywood look & feel, he makes the group to take the right actions to keep the home clean, safe and a nice place to live, study, play and build ever lasting friendships.

Yesterday we launched the Facebook page together with the newly appointed FBleader Vineesh. The kids came up with the everything explaining name Home of Hope. After one day we are proud to tell that already more than 135 people liked and promoted the page and more than 1100 impressions.

Today we launched the art project together with Tom Callebaut. The objective is to fill 44 wall-pieces produced or accompanied by an artist. Each wall will be reproduced in a very limited set of 5 reproductions and being sold (for 300€) to support the refurbishing phase of the right wing.

Another observation is that the boys – inspiring, designing and realising together the art piece - are proud about each others’ achievements … appreciating the other … letting others score … no politics …

Purpose, vision, mission, strategy … no need of any expensive management books, just do it with your heart. And you feel a group of people that with the right attention will do its utmost to achieve more than we can think of. We can learn a lot from such a group of youngsters, teenagers that have a common purpose. I can’t but being humble at this moment! … and more than ever convinced to support this type of projects.

Asking what they would like to become when grown up … more than 90% want to become a civil servant … giving back to society what they received. Respect!

If you want to join me and learn how you can help and make a difference, just give us a quick reaction.

And of course if you want to buy a reproduction (exclusively available in 5 copies) of one of the 44 walls or to financially support one of the kids, give me extremely fast a sign.

…. I can’t wait to visit the girl’s project now.

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