Appexchange app of the month: Conga Composer

Posted On by Selvina Poric

There are tons of apps on the Salesforce Appexchange, with more and more added each and everyday. It can be tough to sift through them all, so be sure to check out our best apps of the month lists to help you find the cream of the crop.

At 4C, we consider ourselves experienced ‘Conganites’, and as a Conga Alliance Partner, we’ve worked with numerous businesses, particularly within the Real Estate sector to integrate Conga with Salesforce in order to streamline processes and save our clients time and money.

In my experience, Conga Composer is a must-have extension for most customers.

Every organisation has a handful of documents that must be recreated over and over again for customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Common examples include non-disclosure agreements, sales quotes or statements of work. This is often a tedious process of making a copy of the last document of that type, keying in the new information and double checking before you send it out to ensure no mistakes were made.

A slight inconvenience for an ad-hoc document becomes a royal pain when it’s regularly large volumes. Never mind the hassle of storing and retrieving those documents sometimes months or years later. Creating and managing these documents can be very time consuming.

Automation is one of the key benefits our Conga users cite as a reason to love this app. Conga Composer sets up standard templates for common documents which are automatically filled by data from at the push of a button. Essentially you can set up the documents to be generated and/or emailed when certain actions are triggered in Salesforce.

Here is a video that shows you how it works

Conga for Salesforce offers a tighter, more convenient solution for document generation than its competitors and its compatibility with considerably more formats, including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, HTML, email and PDF documents, in our view, makes it stand out from the crowd. It also integrates seamlessly with E-sign apps such as DocuSign, to allow minimal need for printing hard copies and physical document management.

Sent documents are stored with the contact’s details for simple search and retrieval, which also scans the documents’ contents. This dramatically improves visibility of documents you send out as a business.

Sales teams are able to see the entire history of every quote that has been sent out to a customer, when they were sent and to whom. Document histories are also included in to create dynamic and intelligent automatic reporting.

The top document generation product for Salesforce with world class support provided.

Based on our experience of working with Conga and feedback from our clients, we recommend Conga Composer with no reservations other than being careful to ensure your Salesforce data quality is maintained – but that’s always important right?!