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To measure is to know: knowing how well your company, marketing campaigns, sales channels and customer care operations are performing is crucial to be able to manage your company in all its aspects. We can help you get the right insights by combining internally and externally available data at the moment you need them. In this way we help you determine KPI’s that matter, you can identify success drivers and you are able to measure the performance of the different actions taken within your company. This allows you to learn and adapt to do better in the future.

Within Wipro, we are experienced in

  • Analytical Discovery:
    Align your data requirements with your business needs, identify the main opportunities and showcase benefits with an initial data project.
  • Campaign Intelligence:
    Carefully set up and evaluate campaigns in a data driven way in order to better allocate marketing budget and tailor marketing methods.
  • Promo Analysis:
    Evaluate success and profitability of promotions by analysing sales trends and ROI.
  • Basket Analysis:
    Uncover connections between specific products that are often bought together to guide store layout and marketing actions

Why work with Wipro?

  • At Wipro we are doing Customer Relationship Management consulting and data science right from the start. We have been helping businesses become customer-focused for over 20 years. And we are still doing it today because it’s what we do best.
  • A large team of passionate data scientists to guide your company to jump on the AI train
  • Huge breadth of project experience and data expertise
  • An overall customer satisfaction rating of 9.13/10
  • A dedicated Project Manager backed by a capable team with a myriad of strengths in business challenge understanding and data science
Evelyn Caris

Evelyn Caris

Data Scientist - Senior Customer Intelligence Consultant

“If you truly want to know how well your campaigns are doing, it is crucial to design a solid performance measurement process from the very beginning. You need to define the methodology, the KPIs and success criteria in advance.”

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