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We help companies transform from product focused to customer obsessed by bringing their customer experiences to life on the Salesforce CRM platform and helping them make smarter business decisions through data science

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4C Dubai is EMEA’s largest certified independent Salesforce Platinum partner and one of the leading customer relationship management software implementation companies in Dubai. Our mission? In an increasingly complex world, we contribute to a customer driven society by building customer companies using the best Salesforce based CRM software solutions.

We have been building customer companies through CRM systems since 1997. Fast forward 21 years, we’ve successfully implemented over 1500 Salesforce CRM projects, we’ve grown to more than 275 Salesforce consultants, are experienced in AI project delivery, including Salesforce Einstein and have a Customer Satisfaction score of 9.46.

Our headquarters are in Mechelen, Belgium, but we also have major offices in London, Paris, Dubai and Brussels. Inside each 4C office, you’ll find a team of authorised Salesforce CRM Solutions experts and digital gurus, with one common goal of building customer companies by providing management consulting (Design) services and deep analytics (Learn) services.

Who Are 4C ▶

We are a leading Platinum Salesforce Partner with expertise in every cloud and experience combining the leading cloud apps within the Salesforce.com ecosystem

Meet the 4C Dubai team

Here in the Dubai, we’re based in Indigo Icon Tower and consist of a team of more than 20 Salesforce consultants. We enjoy tackling complex customer problems, travelling, data, talking about the latest Salesforce releases and reading, the list goes on and on.

Jake Callaway LinkedIn Profile

Jake Callaway

Services Director MENA
Sam Wolfenden LinkedIn Profile

Sam Wolfenden

Head of Commercial MENA
Prachi Sinha LinkedIn Profile

Prachi Sinha

Development Lead
Adel Eldebri LinkedIn Profile

Adel Eldebri

Salesforce Consultant
Divya Chary LinkedIn Profile

Divya Chary

Delivery Consultant
Ann Abilon LinkedIn Profile

Ann Abilon

Project Manager
Samer Fahim LinkedIn Profile

Samer Fahim

Project Manager

Growing never stops at 4C Dubai. We create an environment that allows our people to have experiences and opportunities that enable them to evolve, on a professional level, and on a personal level. Think you’ve got what it takes?

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The 4C values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do at 4C Dubai, our people, our services, our ideas and our customer-centric approach.



Can Do

Can Do





A local company with a global reach

We have offices in London, Paris, Lille, Brussels, Mechelen, Warsaw, Dubai and Casablanca that help provide our customers with worldwide support.

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