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DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud digitally transforms how you do business via contracts and other types of systems of agreement. With multiple applications, including e-signature and contract lifecycle management systems, as well as a seamless integration with Salesforce, DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud will modernise your entire system of agreement, helping you to accelerate sales and drive growth.

Wipro is proud to have been recognised as DocuSign’s International Partner of the Year.

As DocuSign’s International Partner of the Year, we offer DocuSign set-up, Salesforce integration & support services for clients looking for a partner with varied project experience and deep product and process understanding. We keep our finger on the pulse and help our customers digitally transform and scale as the DocuSign Agreement Cloud continues to evolve and develop. Our goal is to help you leverage the best of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, supporting you on every step of your journey towards digital transformation.

We’re currently offering a 30 minute remote session with your key stakeholders to evaluate if the DocuSign Agreement Cloud is right for your organisation. Talk to our experts.

With remote working as the new norm, the need for legacy, paper-based (printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting documents) agreement processes has become almost obsolete. The DocuSign Agreement Cloud eliminates paper, expense, errors, automates the process and connects to the other systems you already use. Digitise entire workflows, eliminate paper processes throughout the document management cycle and deliver even greater value for your business and your customers as we transition to a world where work becomes ever more digital.

DocuSign is how business gets done quickly. Send, sign, collaborate, and manage documents of any kind. Check the status of a pending signature, send reminders, and get notified when your documents have the signatures required.

Whether you’re looking for a DocuSign Salesforce Integration, DocuSign Implementation or simply to leverage the best of the DocuSgn platform, let Wipro support your business on this digital transformation journey.

Why Use DocuSign Agreement Cloud?

  • Most trusted and widely used eSign & CLM software (200 Million Users)
  • Generate, manage and negotiate agreements in a safe and smart way
  • Easily generate polished sales contracts
  • Accelerate business processes and reduce manual tasks
  • Send, sign, and succeed with the world’s #1 e-signature product.
  • Deploy DocuSign eSignature in your data centre
  • Automate agreement workflow across global supply chains as part of a full CLM system
  • Centralise agreement storage and search as part of a full CLM system
  • Index and search your agreements wherever they are
  • DocuSign works with all the apps and devices you already use

Why work with Wipro

  • Wipro is the most certified Platinum DocuSign implementation partner in EMEA
  • DocuSign’s International Partner of the Year
  • A dedicated Agreement Cloud implementation team
  • Wide ranging project experience and deep product understanding
  • The largest independent Salesforce Platinum partner in Europe
  • A customer satisfaction rating of 9.46/10
  • Free 30 minute remote evaluation session with your key stakeholders

DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud

DocuSign Agreement Cloud allows you to digitally connect, automate, accelerate and simplify the way you:



Agreements with a high degree of automation


Agreements quickly and securely


On agreement terms after signing


Agreements with flexible options

What key applications are included in the DocuSign Agreement Cloud package & how can these benefit my business?

DocuSign CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management)

This contract management solution enables you to streamline your agreement lifecycle by automating manual tasks and accelerating complex workflows.

As your chosen CLM consultant, Wipro can support you on every step of the journey from CLM integration to automating the entire lifecycle agreement.

DocuSign Gen for Salesforce

Allows you to automatically generate complex agreements and quotes with a few clicks from Salesforce.

At Wipro, our experts are well versed in creating a seamless digitised sales process by connecting DocuSign and Salesforce products. Read about our client’s DocuSign Salesforce Integration journey.

DocuSign ID Verification

Whether you are remotely on-boarding a new employee or looking for a secure agreement completion, DocuSign ID Verification allows you to automatically verify a signer’s government-issued ID or European eID on any device whilst on the move.

As DocuSign’s trusted partner, Wipro can help integrate and customise DocuSign ID verification to support your business’ unique goals.

Additional DocuSign Agreement Cloud Applications

DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud suite also allows you to: Accelerate payment processes with DocuSign Payment, capture consent to standard terms with DocuSign Click, create and negotiate agreements with DocuSign Negotiate - letting you do business faster and more accurately.

We’re currently offering a 30 minute remote session with your key stakeholders to evaluate if the Agreement Cloud Quick Start package is right for your organisation.

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Why you should consider a career in CLM

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a growing market, as organisations continue to digitise and automate their processes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a System of Agreement?

A System of agreement is a relatively new term in the technology world. In short, it’s a comprehensive set of applications that will allow you to digitally transform the entire agreement process.

Which departments typically have a System of Agreement?

Whether in legal, procurement, sales, marketing or services, it’s highly likely there are agreement processes positioned throughout your organisation. Modernising your system of agreement is crucial and will help you do business faster, while lowering your costs, reducing risk and creating better experiences for your customers and employees.

Will my data be secure with Agreement Cloud?

Yes. The DocuSign Agreement Cloud routinely passes the most demanding third-party security audits, including SSAE 16 and SOC 2. They are Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Program (FedRAMP) Authorised, making Agreement Cloud the first FedRAMP compliant Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution.

Are you from a nonprofit organisation?

Did you know we also have a dedicated consulting team for nonprofit organisations - uniquely positioned to help tackle the unique challenges. Learn more about how we help charities and nonprofits navigate through digital transformation to help them achieve their mission.