Digital Transformation For Customer Focused Companies

Uniquely positioned to serve the medium to enterprise markets and with over 20 years experience delivering digital change and implementing business automation among customer-centric companies, Wipro can spearhead your own transformation to a customer-centric organisation through our proven four step success model.

How can Wipro Help?

Research shows many companies are operating inefficiently and missing key opportunities to interact with their customer and leave a lasting impression. In an age where customer relationships unlock new competitive advantages, digital transformation is one of the top priorities for businesses today - but where to start?

Wipro have a proven track record with designing & implementing customised technology solutions to help clients achieve their customer company goals using Salesforce, Docusign Agreement Cloud and other best-in-class platforms.

Moreover we’re uniquely positioned to drive organisational change leaning on our 20+ years experience across a wide array of enterprise businesses in multiple sectors.

Bringing together our technology/system implementation expertise and our customer company consulting experience, we have a proven track record affecting true digital transformation throughout organisations. If you’re struggling to bring about organisational change book a call or contact us to see how Wipro can help.


Wipro’s Transformation Lifecycle Process

Our 4 step process, which starts with defining the purpose of transformation for your organisation through to ensuring the whole organisation is operating fully towards that vision - and then we’re with you on your evolution journey.

Learn more about our Success Model’s constituent parts by clicking the links below.


We help organisations create detailed transformation roadmaps based around their unique challenges as a vehicle for communicating plans across the business and get buy-in early.

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The customisation and implementation of systems to address the organisation’s unique needs and achieve customer-centric objectives outlined in the vision and roadmap.

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Data is at the heart of any customer company. The implemented systems bring together data in a single view to help employees make smarter, faster, and better-informed decisions to push the business forward and create better customer experiences.

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Transformation doesn’t end with solution implementation. We’re here to ensure adoption is organisation-wide, train employees on the new technology and processes and ensure the business is constantly building upon success

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Learn more about our 4 step success model in our whitepaper.

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Transformation Pitfalls

In 70% of cases, true digital transformation within an organisation fails or falls short of expectations. Others report initial performance uplifts that didn’t last. Digital transformation is not about technology but people, and getting organisational buy-in is the hardest part. This is why our Digital Transformation offering focuses not just on the technology but affecting true organisational change through collaborative vision setting, training & upskilling and adapting employee mindsets & culture.

Are you from a nonprofit organisation?

Did you know we also have a dedicated consulting team for nonprofit organisations - uniquely positioned to help tackle the unique challenges. Learn more about how we help charities and nonprofits navigate through digital transformation to help them achieve their mission.