CPQ 2017 Summer release: Tested and approved by our CPQ experts

Posted On by Jens Martens

Even though summer is quietly coming to an end, it’s not too late yet to give you some extended insights into CPQ’s Summer ’17 release!

Salesforce’s Configure Price Quote app got even better this time, including an improved Quote Line Editor, extended search capabilities, integration for the Lightning partner community and more!

Since we were curious about how exactly this new stuff would look & feel, we tested them out for you. Below you’ll find our thoughts and experiences:

Usability enhancements

First of all, CPQ got updated in terms of usability; it got faster and easier than before.

One of the main components is the new Product Keyword Search. This means that you can quickly and easily search for products or services within CPQ, simply by typing the first letters of your keyword in the search box. CPQ will automatically provide relevant suggestions and finish your keyword for you, just like a Google or Amazon search.

Another remarkable feature that has been added is the Line Item Drawer. Just like any normal drawer, you can open them and find out more about what’s inside. In the quote line editor, you can expand/collapse quote line items and find out more about specific fields or other details of the quote line items straight from the Quote Line Editor, isn’t that handy?!

Order enhancements

The next part of CPQ that got a noticeable upgrade is the Order process. Mainly, the automation has been upgraded so you can automatically generate orders from approved quotes, seamlessly.

Also, it’s been made much easier to split up quotes into multiple orders, for those clients with their just too complicated product/pricing structure. You can use any field on the quote line to split the quote into multiple orders, as well as use quote line groups.

For contracting automation, it’s now possible to activate and contract order products at the order product level, even more time saved!

Quote Line Editor Scalability

With the Summer 2017 release, the quote line editor has been made way easier to use for big quotes.

First, it is now possible to work in the quote line editor in full screen modus. This can be activated by clicking on the corresponding symbol. Quick note, footer and header are fixed when activating the full screen modus, this to avoid having to scroll all the way up if you would want to add a product to your quote or having to scroll all the way down to be able to see the subtotal of your quote. Before the introduction of the large quote experience, dealing with quotes with a great amount of quote lines was often a matter of a lot of scrolling.

Thanks to the full screen modus you use your screen estate to the fullest and you have a better overview of all the quote lines on your quote.

Another nice option that is now available in the full screen modus of the quote line editor is that you can easily navigate through the different groups you created on your quote. Note that you need to enable the large quote experience in the Salesforce CPS installed package settings in your order.

All the above-mentioned changes contribute to the further improvement of the ease of use of the quote line editor. This is majorly important because it is a place where a lot of sales reps spend a decent amount of time.

Furthermore, adding products to a quote, calculating prices, … will happen faster thanks to the Summer 2017 release.

CPQ for Lightning communities

Another feature that makes part of the 2017 Summer release is the possibility to enable CPQ for Lightning communities. By enabling CPQ in your community, your partners will be involved more and in a more efficient way in the sales process. Your partner will be able to create quotes himself via the partner community. When a partner is faced with an opportunity he can add products and discounts himself to be able to answer the customer’s demand quicker.

All Salesforce CPQ functionalities such as validation rules, price rules, approval processes, … are still available. And no worries, the security/visibility aspect is also covered, so you can safely configure which fields are visible for your partner and which not.

CPQ for Lightning will not only make your sales team more successful but also the sales teams of your partners. This will give your partners one extra reason to do business with you.

So, that’s a wrap! Enjoy the new Summer release of CPQ, because “Winter Is Coming”!!