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Redwood is a global leader in enterprise process automation with marketing teams all across the world (NORAM, UK, DACH, Rest of Europe, South America, etc.). With this in mind they run global and locally targeted campaigns which get difficult to manage if there isn’t a clear indication of what is being done/has been done in the past/is planned for the future in each region.

The Challenge

  1. Unifying their global marketing efforts.

  2. Reporting on the ROI of each campaign.

  3. Ensuring the leads generated through the marketing efforts get assigned and followed up by the right people.

The Solutions

Marketing automation

The solution here was to start using Pardot as the place where all campaigns are created, actioned and monitored. This meant that it’s become really easy for all marketing users to evaluate which global/local campaigns are ongoing for each region. It’s also easy to evaluate response rates to these campaigns and to provide users with extremely personalised experiences depending on their reactions.


By integrating Pardot with Salesforce it’s really easy to report on the ROI for each campaign. We’ve built reports and dashboards for each region so they can track how many Leads, Contacts, Opportunities and revenue each campaign has generated. This in turn helps marketing users determine which campaigns are the most successful, and impacts future decisions around which new campaigns to run.

Workflow rules

By making use of cleverly designed Lead Assignment rules we’ve been able to ensure that all new Leads created in the system get assigned to the appropriate Account Executive based on a number of criteria such as Region, Product Interest and prior engagement with the customer. We’ve also setup workflow rules that automatically prompt account executives to follow up on Leads by notifying them via email whenever a Lead isn’t followed up after a few hours/days.

“The migration from Marketo to Pardot was painless. The intelligence on digital behaviours of web and email from within our Salesforce records really gives us the insight we need on which prospects and customers our sales teams need to concentrate on. It gives me the backbone we need to drive forward an efficient and effective marketing function aligned with supporting our revenue growth objectives.”

Simon Shah, Vice President Global Marketing, Redwood Software

The Results


Saved for staff manually assigning leads to the correct Account Executives.


Increase in the number of follow up for Account Executives


Increase in lead conversion both for new and existing business.

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