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RAK Ports offers key maritime gateways for import and export activities, to and from Ras Al Khaimah all over the world. The RAK Ports portfolio offers the full range of maritime services, including; highly versatile cargo handling services, including the facility to handle large volumes and products not typically handled by other ports; dedicated, high-quality shipbuilding and repair facilities; Free Zone facilities with adjacent waterside access; extensive warehousing and storage facilities; and leisure business features such as boutique cruise vessel and private yacht facilities.

RAK Ports didn’t have a CRM solution in place to manage their prospective customers, customers, contacts and opportunities in an efficient and transparent manner. Managing all this data in several excel sheets spread across several people became an extremely time-consuming task for their growing customer base. For this reason they looked for a Salesforce partner with experience to build a scalable and user-friendly Salesforce solution.

The Challenge

The Account and Contracts data of RAK Ports was spread across the different ports which meant that there was no clear overview. The business proceses for each Port was siloed and not shared among the group. Due to the siloed data, the reporting of the defined metrics was made to be impossible. Besides these issues around the lack of knowledge sharing, there was also no opportunity management process in place.

RAK Ports challenge was to implement a better Lead Management Process for the Front as well as the Back. There was also a need for a better structured Opportunity Management process. To solve the issue of the siloed data of the different Ports they were looking for a consolidation of the data sources by using one platform. Lastly, they needed a system for reporting of the defined metrics which would be made possible by consolidated information.

The Solutions

One Platform

RAK Ports now has 1 platform with Consolidated information, offering a 360° degree view of customers, potential customers and opportunities. The web-to-lead functionality has been implemented on all the separate port websites as well as on the main website ensuring all web forms end up in Salesforce as Leads and assigning them automatically to the correct Port Manager. This has not only improved transparency between the different Port Managers but also the efficiency in following up on Leads by putting in place a Lead Management Process. Qualified leads are then converted to Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts in the same system allowing RAK Ports to put in place defined process for the complete lead to sales cycle. In addition, having all the information on one platform allows for easier reporting to be done on defined metrics in Salesforce representing real-time and complete data.

“We have integrated our web-to-lead function from the RAK Ports website, customer feedback & enquiry, providing us real-time customer requirements direct to the relevant Port sales & marketing teams. This enables the teams to efficiently identify the needs of the customer and respond directly providing operation solutions and pricing when required.”

“Lastly I would like to personally thank the Wipro team and you for all the efforts and professionalism throughout our roll out period and our initial steps into Salesforce CRM and we look forwards to continue working with you all as we grow in our digital transformation. The Wipro team were brilliant and made it all so easy to obtain the results and system we now have operational.”

Justin Wardle, Port Manager

The Results


view of customers on a Consolidated Platform


of Web-to-lead and outlook allowing leads to be captured structurally in one place


for opportunity and lead process

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