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Pole Star

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The Low Down


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Pole Star is a London headquartered technology company that provides tracking and monitoring services to the global maritime sector. Pole Star’s principal goal is to protect life at sea, including threats such as terrorism, health outbreaks and pirates.


The Challenge

Pole Star approached us looking to develop two distinct communities:

  1. They wanted to set up a centralised system that would enable them to globalise all of their services and manage all of their customer communications and interactions. They needed a scalable platform that would allow their customers to search for information easily and escalate cases quickly and effectively.
  2. They needed to build a platform for one of their government clients that would allow their users to seamlessly and efficiently communicate directly with the government.

The Solutions

Pole Star Customer Community

We created a customer community that allows Pole Star’s commercial customers to login, amend cases, view and raise orders and give feedback. Customers can now manage all of their interactions with Pole Star through one centralised platform. The biggest impact Pole Star has seen, is that it has enabled them to globalise a lot of their business processes meaning they are no longer limited to their London hub in London hours, it is helping them become a truly global business.

Community for Government Client

The community we developed with Pole Star, on behalf of one of their government clients, enables their end users to login and manage their interactions with the government. This allows them to make sure that all of their records are up to date and has been essential in ensuring that they are compliant with certain important regulations.

“I love working with the team at Wipro, I think I come down to the office once a month. It’s great, everyone is so friendly and the collaborative element of it is better than anything I’ve ever seen from a partner.”

Rachel Sellers, Business Analyst, Pole Star

The Results


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case escalation process


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