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Partena Professional

Stronger customer relationship thanks to a Customer Feedback System

The Low Down

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Partena Professional provides payroll services, calculating salaries as well as fiscal and social contributions. Their tagline says it all: “businesses are our business”. Partena Professional helps 65,000 businesses and 170,000 independents with their HR services by providing them guidance and support. Partena wants to make sure they satisfy all these customers. To receive feedback from all of them they needed some help from technology.


The Challenge

Partena wants to build a personal relationship with their customers by providing them with the opportunity to talk to each other and give feedback. With 65,000 businesses and 170,000 independants as customers it’s hard to keep track of all of them. A team of 11 full time employees were physically visiting customers as much as possible, but there was no global view on feedback. Wipro was challenged to provide a Customer Feedback System:

  • Providing real and structured measurements of customer satisfaction
  • Collecting feedback regularly
  • Easy for the customer to put in feedback
  • Results available to all employees

The Solutions

Customer feedback system to collect feedback

Wipro provided a straightforward Net Promoter Score (NPS) system where customers easily can provide input. This yearly survey summarizes the satisfaction of Partena’s customers.

NPS results available in Sales Cloud

The input from the NPS survey immediately and automatically available in Partena Professional’s central CRM system: Sales Cloud. Any employee can check the results at any time. These insights help Partena Professional to continuously improve their current customer service and in turn continuously increase their customer’s experience. It also provides Partena Professional with a good identification of customers with a risk of churning.

Targeted loyalty visits

Thanks to the NPS survey Partena can now target which customers they need to visit personally. The results provide objective data to strengthen the intuition of the HR Consultant about the customer. The smart insights the NPS provides, will help to make the visit and the discussion more relevant.

“What do I love about Wipro? It’s a simple organisation. Pragmatic people with very good competences.”
Michel Halet, Deputy CEO, Partena Professional

The Results


data to measure customer satisfaction


point of information


customer visits

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