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The Low Down

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Lyceum Capital invests in mid-sized UK businesses. They partner with entrepreneurial management teams and unlock growth potential by providing capital, operational and development support and help with targeted acquisitions. In order to provide their new partners with the resources they needed to succeed, Lyceum required a self-service platform where their partners could access these resources and communicate with the Lyceum entrepreneurial management team directly.

The Challenge

Wipro were challenged to come up with a bespoke solution that provided Lyceum with:

  1. A rich, self-service platform that enabled their partners to connect with each other, troubleshoot issues and share resources.

  2. A central place for their partners to access contact information for Lyceum’s business.

  3. Ensuring the leads generated through the marketing efforts get assigned and followed up by the right people.

The Solutions

Partner Community

Implementation of the Salesforce Partner Community using Napili Template designing a visually appealing one stop platform for partners. Wipro were able to implement custom lightning components into the community to display the relevant business associate to particular business processes. This has given Lyceum Capital a platform to provide information to their partner management teams so they can harness their knowledge and expertise to accelerate the growth of their business.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base was implemented to house information such as guidelines in the form of Article, which partners are able to access, rate and collaborate together using Chatter. Lyceum Capital are now able to deliver world-class service by giving their partners one place to get answers.

“The Partner Community is built in one place through a branded portal, maintaining our organisation’s identity and credibility. Our management team use the Partner Community to communicate more efficiently with channel partners and other external parties.”

Mike Driscoll, Operations Executive, Lyceum Project Manager

The Results


Active users over the past 12 months.


logins were completed.


click-throughs generated from 6 email updates.

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