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Level Shoes

Journeying towards customer-centricity

The Low Down




Level Shoes is a globally recognised retail concept and destination dedicated to the world of designer footwear and accessories. The store offers a wide range of unique services; from shoe experts to foot therapies, culinary delights, a dedicated concierge service as well as a regional online shopping platform. The curated space is divided into 40 designer boutiques and five multibrand areas each designed with its own bespoke personality: Women’s Designer, Women’s Accessories, Women’s Contemporary, Men’s Designer, Men’s Accessories, Trends and Kids.

The Challenge

Level Shoes’ data was siloed between their point of sale system, e-commerce platform, and internal employee tracking. This made it difficult to track customer profiles, identify VIP customers without a complete history of purchases, and ultimately have a unified view of the customer across different channels. In addition, employee transactions were skewing some of the customer behaviour analytics relating to lifetime values. As a result, the service team had to move between multiple systems to manage service requests, they needed the ability to combine their activities across separate platforms into one. There was also a need for the marketing team to have an automated process of integrating data between its database and a marketing automation tool, which would enable them to send personalized and targeted email campaigns.

The Solutions

A successful partnership

Finding the right strategic partner would be key in achieving the success of the project. One reason why Level Shoes chose Wipro was because Wipro boasts a large shared knowledge base not only in the UAE but across different regions. “We could feel from the beginning that they understood the challenges we were facing and it was very clear from the first few meetings that they were going to be able to help us manoeuvre and resolve the issues.”

Jade Okba further commented, “throughout the process, Wipro were so detail-oriented, they covered every single base, every single touchpoint, and we had multiple workshops. I was personally very impressed with the knowledge the team had. The project manager was one of the best project managers I have worked with, very organized, sharp and consistent, making sure we had weekly updates and that everyone kept to timelines. With the help of Wipro we were able to launch Salesforce quickly and efficiently and we were live in store within 6 months of kicking off the project.”

Matchless support and service

In order to support their customers with unparalleled service, it was imperative to onboard Level Shoes onto Salesforce Service Cloud. This allowed them to connect with their customers through the channels they desired to operate in such as email, phone, and web. Out of these, phone was a very important channel because service agents previously used regular desktop phones, however, with their Salesforce implementation Level Shoes were able to integrate InGenius software allowing for softphone functionality.

Agents were also given visibility of key activities along with deadlines to complete request tasks through milestones and service level agreements. Real-time, automated contact records now display on cases and phone calls based on the contact email or phone number. This allows agents to quickly and easily identify the customer before interacting with them and grants them full access to the contact’s details, case history, purchases, and more.

As it stands, Level Shoes is well-equipped in the current climate with Service Cloud, ensuring the customer service team can work from home and seamlessly support customers. Jade added, “having connected all the different systems to one data source allowed us to be able to market more efficiently and drive so much traffic online now that we had all of our customers in one platform. Whereas before it would have been a very lengthy and manual process to be able to communicate to our customers because we’d have to go to each team to extract data from their respective systems and it would have taken a long time, and we would still have had to clean the data. That was just another way in which Salesforce made Level Shoes COVID ready.”

An enriched 360 view of the customer

Level Shoes now has automated reporting capabilities and dashboards to gather insights on their customers on a regular basis. In addition, Level Shoes is able to identify customer preferences based on their transactions and purchase behaviour. “This is something we’ve never had before and is possibly the highest value that Salesforce has brought to Level Shoes. Wipro helped us build automated fields which have preferred color, style, brand, shoe size… All of which feed into our automated dashboards. We analyze this information for both our online and offline customers for trends. These dashboards allow us to identify who is a new customer and who is a returning customer, what’s their average order value, and customer lifetime spend. All of this information was not readily available before and this is a huge step forward for us.”

Personalized experiences

Marketing Cloud was integrated to support Level Shoes as they sought to create customized content for their customers. This allowed them to engage with customers using a tailored cross-channel welcome journey to encourage them to make a second purchase. With Marketing Cloud, they were also able to develop complex dynamic content rules using AMPScript to ensure that their messages remain relevant to the customer by displaying product categories that are only in the customer’s interest using previous transactional behaviour. Level Shoes has been able to leverage Marketing Cloud to achieve deeper segmentation, targeting, and the automation of one-to-one communications at different stages of the customer life-cycle.

“Throughout the implementation process Wipro were knowledgeable, experienced and very detail oriented. For every challenge, they always came to us with more than one solution, ensuring always that we were aligned with best practices. They supported us in overcoming our challenges and achieving many strategic goals in record time. Overall it was a very successful partnership and we really enjoyed working with Wipro.” – Jade Okba, CRM & Customer Intelligence Manager, Level Shoes.

The Results


Growth of the customer database


Increase in email open rates


Increase in email click-through rate


View of the customer profile

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