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Gravity Force

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The Low Down

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Gravity Force were one of the UK’s very first indoor trampoline parks, offering a unique and fun experience for people of all ages. Shortly after opening, Gravity Force’s popularity exploded and visitor numbers increased ten-fold, new parks were being built and bookings filled up faster than ever. With business booming, the team decided it was time to improve its booking system and manage bookings more efficiently.


The Challenge

After opening its doors to the public in 2014, Gravity Force had been using an ‘off the shelf’ package to manage its online booking system and customer check ins. The package was proving extremely impractical, difficult for staff to use and ultimately causing Gravity Force to miss out on a lot of new business. Wipro were challenged to come up with a bespoke solution that helped Gravity Force:

  1. Streamline its online and offline booking process
  2. Speed up the overall booking process
  3. Reduce front of house queuing times by implementing a user friendly check in platform

The Solutions

Customised booking system

We created a unique booking system that presented relevant booking information depending on how the customer was making their reservation. Whether it was online, front of house or through the telephone bookings team, the new system offered a unique and personalised interface and ensured all bookings are streamlined and easy for staff to access and amend.

Front of house check in system

The new check in system allowed customers to view a user friendly page, which showed all bookings for a specific window of time, as well as having a multi-search functionality and ‘quick check in’ button.

“Wipro have reduced check in time at Gravity Force by 76% as well as reducing the time to complete waivers for families by 82%, which was the number one pain point for many of our family customers”

Richard Simpson, Managing Director, Gravity Force

The Results


Minutes saved on the average check in time as a result of the new system


Streamlined booking system for both online and offline bookings


Times as many bookings calls taken per hour by call centre staff

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