Rapidly Expanding Eurofiber’s network thanks to a streamlined sales process

The Low Down

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Eurofiber is a fast growing international provider of industry leading digital infrastructure. With their 28,000 km fiber optic network in the Benelux region and high quality datacenters they provide companies, government bodies and non-profit organisations a future proof infrastructure. With their customer base growing fast, they needed a scalable CRM system to give them a clear view of their sales pipeline.

The Challenge

Eurofiber’s customer data was spread across multiple systems. This made it difficult for data to be found and reported on. At the same time Eurofiber’s customer network was quickly expanding. To meet their growth targets Eurofiber needed a clear view of their current customers and their sales pipeline.

Since Eurofiber’s main service is to provide fiber network to their clients, the location of future and current customers and their distance to Eurofiber’s fiber network is key. Their delivery team counts on the exact (geo)location to provide the right service to the right customer. In the past, the right address information wasn’t always available which impacted customer service heavily.

The Solutions

Clear view on the sales pipeline

With the help of Wipro, Eurofiber was able to streamline their sales process. With the implementation of Sales Cloud, Eurofiber are now able to have a 360 degree view on their current customer base and pipeline. This has transformed the sales process as all data is now accessible to everyone at Eurofiber, giving greater visibility and improved reporting accuracy.

The right assets at the right location

When implemeting Sales Cloud, Wipro did a complete data cleanse for Eurofiber. All address data in the system is now accurate and up to date. Wipro also set up an immediate quality check in Salesforce when an address is entered to esure that data quality stays high. Eurofiber’s sales team is now able to spot good opportunities near their particular fiber networks ensuring services are delivered to the right customer at the right location.

Generating contracts in one click

Since the distance of a customer to the fiber network is key in creating quotes, it’s now also far more easy to create detailed and correct quotes thanks to knowing the customers exact (geo)location. On top of that Wipro installed a pdf generation tool which creates contracts with just one click of a button and encorporates all the information Eurofiber gathered during the presales process.

“The big benefit of working with Wipro is that they have a very short feedback cycle and that is because they have very good knowledge of the Salesforce platform combined with a lot of business understanding.”
Bart Colson, COO at Eurofiber

The Results


addresses checked and corrected


view of their current customer base


click for generating a contract

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