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Creating one platform and seamless approvals process at Arqaam Capital

The Low Down

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Arqaam Capital is a specialist emerging markets investment bank, bringing regional and international product offerings to Emerging Markets, Arqaam Capital combines international best practice with regional expertise and creates investment opportunities primarily for Middle Eastern investors looking to invest in the region and internationally, and for international investors looking for opportunities in Emerging Markets.

The Challenge

Arqaam hadn’t had a CRM solution to manage the growth in the number of clients they have, and managing all the data across Excel sheets was a time-consuming task. They wanted a Salesforce partner with experience in the investment banking sector, who had the ability to understand business processes and to build a scalable and user-friendly Salesforce CRM solution. The key challenges Arqaam wanted to address within the project included:

  • Streamlining the business process to enable all departments to work together under one platform.
  • Implementing a tool to manage approval processes, internal management and the secure storage of data
  • Ensuring client documentation was stored in multiple locations digitally and was easily accessible

The Solutions

One Platform

The 4C team worked with different departments within Arqaam Capital to build a Salesforce solution that was able to map client journeys under one platform, providing the business with a single source of truth.

Automated Approvals

The project team worked with Arqaam to shorten the approvals cycle enabling them to work more efficiently and ultimately increase the number of clients that could be managed in a defined period. Previsouly this has been a manual and laborious task, but using Salesforce, Arqaam have been able to increase efficiencies by over 50%.

Central Location of Documents

Arqaam now has the visibility and flexibility they required for storing and accessing documents. Having one central location where all documents are stored, has dramatically reduced the time taken to search for and locate any document.

Data Protection

Salesforce provides unparalleled data protection which gave Arqaam the confidence they needed from a compliance perspective.

“With 4C’s Salesforce Managed Service, I am able to approach a specialist at 4C, log a case and have it looked at very quickly, whether it be a query about Marketing Cloud, Sales or Service Cloud. Rita and Maks have offered a wealth of knowledge and have been able to advise on Salesforce best practices, showing us the best solution to multiple problems, focusing on what will work and what could potentially go wrong.”

Paul Graham, Compliance Director, Arqaam Capital

The Results


More clients with the streamlined process


Company data and all updates in one place.


Visibility and flexibility required for storing and accessing documents

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