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ALD Automotive is the vehicle leasing and vehicle fleet management business with more than 240 employees and over 70,000 vehicles under its management. Over the past years the Belgian car lease market has been the subject of commoditisation, with all major players competing fiercely on price. This is why ALD Automotive, the Belgian market leader, decided to work with Wipro to move itself away from the commodity trap.

The Challenge

Excellent customer service and a unique customer experience are at the heart of ALD Automotive. After numerous minor improvements and process tweaks, ALD approached Wipro to help them define their strategic positioning, to design their customer experience identity and to identify and qualify the changes that would be required to bring their new business identity to life.

The Solutions

Future strategic positioning

The first phase of the experience program aimed at defining ALD Automotive Belgium’s future strategic positioning (Based on Crawford & Mathews) and the desired customer experience identity; desired traits (brand values), positive emotions to stimulate, negative emotions to avoid. In order to make sure we decided on the right positioning and included value driving brand attributes in the new experience identity, multiple techniques were applied, both qualitative and quantitative. A large scale customer survey (zero-measurement), an employee survey, management, customer and partner interviews and a series of management workshops.

Customer Experience identity

The second phase of our mission focused on bringing to life the new strategic positioning and the desired customer experience identity. Our work was centered around three pillars:

  1. Customer journeys and moments of truth
  2. Communication and touchpoints
  3. Behavior and culture

For each of the three pillars, the ‘To BE’ design started from customer insights collected via qualitative (observations, interviews, testimonials) and quantitative (surveys) research. In a series of business workshops, ALD experts from across the organisation were invited to identify, qualify and prioritise improvement and transformation opportunities to close the gap between the As IS and To BE state. Wipro facilitated this co-design process by applying proven service design methodologies and providing best practice inspiration.

The Results

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Staff interviews conducted

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Pillars of Customer Experience identity

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