United during team building

Posted On by Evelien Verbaenen

Work hard, play hard
It’s a motto we take very seriously here at 4C!

Next to our cake-teamdays, regular afterwork-drinks and the yearly company weekend, we also plan many team building activities. Last Thursday, the Extreme Insights and Precision Marketing team were ready for a day full of fun! Since these two teams were recently merged into one business unit, it was the perfect opportunity to get to know one another a little better.

We met up at Ghent city center for our first activity: a chocolate workshop.

With all the sweet teeth in both teams, it was a perfect match! Stephen Van Hecke, a fourth generation chocolatier, started off by giving us all kinds of chocolate insights (did you know Belgium is known as the chocolate country because we were the first to introduce pralines?), and of course, some tasting goodies!

Tutorial for chocolate making

  Next, it was time for the real deal: making our own pralines. First we had to prepare the outer shell, and believe me, that is harder than you would think! After refrigerating them for a bit and perfecting them, it was time for the filling: a hazelnut praline. As if we had never done something else, we filled our chocolates with the utmost precision. Look at the craftmanship my colleagues are demonstrating here:


  All this focus makes you thirsty: luckily Stephen foresaw a lovely break with cake and Cava (what a combo, right!)

4C Team with chocolate

We ended the workshop with tasting our own finalized product, and oh, how yummy were they (sorry, they were finished sooner than I could take a picture)!

Next up, we went for a boat tour on the Ghent waters.

Our guide Mathieu taught us some pretty cool things: where the expressions ‘holy sh*t’ and ‘stinkend rijk’ came from, what makes the Gravensteen so unique and why the inhabitants are called ‘Stroppendragers’. Accompanied with some snacks and drinks, we saw the sun set over this beautiful city…

4C Team on a boat

To end the night, we went for a lovely dinner!

At Korenlei 2 we could dine outside with a lookout over the water. Having some great conversations and some good laughs, was the perfect ending of this fun day!

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