Turning field service in an accelerator for customer satisfaction

Posted On by Frisine Heyvaert

Many companies are moving towards online services to reduce their costs or increase online customer experience. Are you one of them? Be aware! Don’t just radically start digitizing and cutting out all human contact.

The real-life encounter of a field service agent or technician is an important point of live contact in your customer’s journey. This makes the field service appointment a very crucial element for maintaining a good customer experience and ensuring customer retention. Even more so because it often takes place at a potentially frustrating time for your customers. Customers need to reinstall their tv connection during a hectic time of moving or, even worse, were not able to use their kitchen properly for a week due to a product malfunction. This moment of frustration is an opportunity to build or strengthen the relationship with your customer.

An excellent field service encounter does not stand on its own. You need to keep in mind many different customer satisfaction drivers, naming some of the most important ones:

  • The ease of raising an issue
  • The convenience of having an appointment booked immediately
  • The knowledge and capability of your technician or agent required to do the task
  • The perfect timing of the appointment
  • The effectiveness of the work performed

All these touchpoints seem a lot to manage, so how can you make sure you deliver excellent service experience on all these points? Field Service Lightning by Salesforce can help you deliver high-end service at the moments that matter.

The ease of raising an issue

Fields Service Lightning (FSL) is built on the Salesforce Lightning platform and therefore integrates seamlessly with your Service and/or Sales Cloud applications. This allows your customer reps or call center agents to immediately generate a work order when a customer logs an issue.

The convenience of having an appointment booked immediately

Even more so, FSL allows for quick and smart appointment booking. Agents can generate a list of potential appointment slots directly from the work order without having to check multiple calendars. Behind the scenes, your service policies and objectives are applied to the available appointment time slots thanks to advanced logic. Every possible time slot receives a specific score. The appointments that receive the highest scores are those that guarantee the best combination of timing, resource capabilities & driving time (location). Thanks to this score your reps can simply suggest an appointment that best suits the customer’s needs.

The knowledge and capability of your technician or agent required to do the task

On the one hand FSL makes it possible to identify the different skills and levels in your resource pool. On the other hand you can define various types of work, with each job containing distinct tasks and skills. For example, the installation of a boiler will consist of different tasks than simply the yearly maintenance check, therefore also the required skills will differ. When booking an appointment, FSL combines the requirements for the resource and those for the job, ensuring the right employee is sent to the right job.

The perfect timing of the appointment

The dispatching console is really the magic behind the FSL solution. It is a powerful planning tool that optimises your appointment planning and solves all your complex scheduling questions. It calculates the orchestration of appointments, resources, skills, time slots, driving times, lunch breaks etc. that best fits your business policies and objectives. The console will help your dispatchers optimise the complete schedule. It will even make it possible to dispatch emergency appointments or to reschedule when there are unforeseen circumstances.

The effectiveness of the work performed

The main question is: how often can you solve the issue on the first attempt? To increase the success rate of an appointment, FSL can be leveraged in two ways. 1) the booking logic maps the required job skills with the skill sets in your resource pool. 2) You can add “Work Steps” to the different job types of your organisation. These steps help to guide your on-site technicians through the execution order to avoid steps being skipped under time pressure. On top of that you can provide documentation for each step to enable your technicians even more in doing an excellent job. For example a picture to show the correct wiring setup for comparison, or a decision tree to identify problems. An immediate fix and more importantly a permanent solution for the issue is an important driver for customer satisfaction. And of course, as a final result it will lower the lifetime cost of the customer.

Are you interested in leveraging your own field service organisation to drive customer satisfaction? Contact our Salesforce experts to bring your field service appointments to the next level.