Swipe for change

Posted On by Kristof Detaellenaere

Left, right…. It’s the sound of the customer driving your business. Customers use their mobile devices to judge your company and they drive at the speed of light. They swipe left or right. They like you or they don’t.

To face this challenge, you need every one of your employees to be on board in driving customer experience. Every customer interaction is crucial and must be aligned with the full customer experience of your company.

To make this happen, your employees must understand and support your vision, and be able to link every change (and every project) to this vision. Only then they will support you and your project. Every new project is an opportunity…. or a risk. Left or right…remember.

Who is Swiping?

Every change will be judged. Not only employees but also middle managers are ready to swipe. All people want change, but no one likes to change. They support your change or they (passively) resist.

Many projects fail, and, as researched, mostly because of the following reasons:

  • No involvement of top management
  • Middle management resistance
  • Not enough focus on end-user needs and impact (WIIFM)
  • Not enough resources dedicated to change

One step forward towards adoption is giving your employees the best systems in the world. But these are just tools. You can buy the best football players in the world, but it’s no guarantee that you’ll win the Champions League. Your players need to be motivated and coached. It is the same with your company: your team needs to trust you and they must feel involved.

So for every single project, you want the change to be adopted by all employees, from day one, to its full potential.

A good example of bad versus good adoption is the well-known tablet. In 2001, Microsoft introduced the Tablet PC. However it took the right adoption management by Steve Jobs to get it sold to millions in the form of the IPad…..adoption is key!!!

Adoption Management

To get them on board, you must take care of your employees. Make sure they trust you and feel involved. Take the road towards adoption management. But remember, it’s a tough one.

To get you started, here are the 3 main building blocks.

First of all, employees must trust your company, your vision and your strategy. As a management team, you must have a clear vision, be aligned and walk the talk. Gaining trust is a long road to walk and you need to work consistently on it. It requires communication in a structured way while being totally transparent and honest.

In a second stage employees must feel involved, be able to take ownership. It must feel as if it is their project. Carefully select key users or key ambassadors for your project. Those users that have a natural interest in the solution, that fit well in their own team and are respected by their colleagues.

Finally, when your project is about system and tools, they want to be sure to have the right capabilities. Train your employees and give key users the necessary time and skills to support them.

Become the Steve Jobs of your Company

Make sure your employees swipe right and fully support your change. It’s not a complex process, but it takes a lot of hard work and structure. Based on trust, involvement and assurance, you will get very far and hopefully win the Champions League.

Try to be the Steve Jobs of your company and make adoption a success. If you want to know more on how to get there, contact us.