How to brand your Salesforce Org

Posted On by Ryan Scott

Find out how to add your logo, brand the login page and customise the URL for your Salesforce org in under 3 minutes.

Transcript, the URL we all love. But what if you could have your own?

What about your own logo up at the top there, maybe even your own image on the right hand side. I’m going to take you through how to customise this process.

From the setup menu, go to ‘my domain’. Next you’ll be inputting what you want as your own domain name. Once you’ve completed that, check the availability and you need to register the domain with Salesforce. imOur name has been successfully registered with Salesforce.

Next we can edit the information thats there and customer the right frame URL. The right frame URL is an image so we’ll need to store it in Salesforce. If you got to documents, and create a new one giving it an appropriate name. You need to make sure to share it externally, and then upload the image from your computer that you want to use.

Now our image is stored safely inside of Salesforce, we can copy the URL by right clicking and taking the image address and we return to my domain, and simply paste the URL into the box. That’s no been completed.

If we upload an image to sit above the login section and also decide on a new background colour, we can then save these changes and it will be done immediately.

Your login page has been fully customised, with your own domain, your own logo above the login section and your own image on the right-frame URL.

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