How Disney inspired us to start 4C Solutions

Posted On by Fredric Joos

If you’ve already had the chance to visit one of Disney’s amusement parks, you’ll know they are a place of near wonder, a place that young and old visit to experience magic and most importantly a place you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

This strong emotional connection makes Disney one of the biggest brands in the world.

There is a lot to learn from our little friend, but maybe the most relevant is the way they looked at the traditional business models of theme parks.

Focus on understanding and experience

In contrast with other theme parks, Disney didn’t merely focus on the product (the rides). Although the rides are awesome (and Spacemountain is arguably the best rollercoaster in the world), the real differentiator is the way Walt Disney observed and understood the behaviors of his customers, which allowed them to create a more complete and holistic experience.

This fresh look on how to run an amusement park created near endless opportunities for new revenue models, from merchandising to hotels and loyalty memberships (resulting in a $ 55,14 billion revenue in 2017).

The challenges today

Today, many traditional businesses are at a tipping point, facing major challenges with empowered customers, digitalisation and the entering of new, flexible competitors in the market. These challenges are a direct clash with the old managerial ways of doing business: a top-down management control, a focus on the known and low-risk investments.

If organisations want to be successful in the future, a transformation needs to happen and a new culture based on customer experience, innovation and digital integration is called for.

The 4C Solution

At 4C Solutions we help you to think differently and guide you along this journey. We use our experience from doing business with organisations across the last 2 decades and combine it with creativity and innovation. We aim to make a real change and as real change only start by implementing, we have a cross-functional team to assist you with from ideation of new business models, interaction moments, … to solution design and implementation.

We can’t promise you’ll become the new Disney of your industry, but we can promise you we’ll add magic to the way you’re doing business. Visit our 4C Solutions webpage to read about our latest service.