From Salesforce Novice to Salesforce Hero! What can you achieve at 4C?

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In 2017 we welcomed more candidates at the start of their careers than we ever have before. It’s been amazing to see what they have achieved in such a short space of time.

While work ethic and focus has certainly been a factor in their success, the platform we have built for career growth and development at 4C has also played a huge role.

Developing at 4C

For those who read our blogs religiously, you will already have an understanding of our Support Services team or ‘The Lake’ as we refer to it internally here at 4C London.

‘The Lake’ is the first foot in the door for some of our brightest talent and up and coming consultants. Here the team start by working on simple cases, as well as receiving regular one-to-one mentoring and group training. They also get the opportunity to work with and shadow all the key departments in the business, including Professional Services, Managed Service and Development.

Within 3 months of joining the team each individual gears up to present their ‘Showcase’ to a panel of experienced consultants, to demonstrate they are ready and have the knowledge to progress from the Support Services Team.

Over the past 6 months, our ‘Lakers’ have been graduating at a rapid rate and moving into our Delivery Team. Here they get to sink their teeth into more complex work and gain more exposure of working directly with our customers.

Speaking about her time in the Lake, one of our recent graduates said,

‘The Support Services team was a great opportunity to start my career in Salesforce, I loved it! But I was equally excited to progress onto harder, more complex cases as part of the Delivery Team’.

Celebrating success

We have had some fantastic successes within the team which demonstrate just what can be achieved within a short space of time. Beyond the Delivery Team, the company is your oyster! We have seen multiple people achieve double promotions in the last 9 months! One of our original ‘Lakers’ chose to move into the world of Release Management. When asked about how 4C has impacted his career he said,

‘It’s hard to put into words what 4C has done for my career and what I have achieved this year. Starting here 9 months ago with very little technical understanding to where I am now is amazing!’.

I also asked one of our Consultants who recently moved into the Delivery Team, what she wanted to achieve next. She was very quick to outline her goal of becoming a Marketing Cloud Consultant as she has a background in digital marketing which would compliment this role very well. Based on all her successes over the past 6 months, I have no doubt she will be well on her way to her goal by this time next year.

A supportive environment

As an observer of this team who’s known all the individuals from their first interview, it’s so great to see how much they have developed in such a short space of time - not just in their technical skill and knowledge, but also in their confidence to handle client requests and queries.

A lot of credit for these achievements also needs to go to the wider business. When asked about what has enabled this progression, the answer always seems to be the same: the support from the other consultants.

Our junior consultants are given some of the best support, encouragement, guidance and tuition in the Salesforce ecosystem. To quote one of our delivery consultants directly,

“So many people here have had an impact on my career development during my time at 4C to date, everyone is willing to help, whether it’s another consultant from Professional Services, Managed Services or the CEO”.

You would only need to spend half an hour in our office to see this indeed is true!

We are so proud of our team and their continued success. Seeing what can be achieved in a short space of time shows that if you have the right attitude and work ethic, and are surrounded by a supportive environment like we have built at 4C, there’s no limit to your Salesforce career!

Great work team, in 2018 we are expecting triple promotions!

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