4C and ATTRAQT partner up to create a winning Salesforce Org

Posted On by Jessica Stern

We sat down with Hiten Kacha, IT Manager at ATTRAQT to find out how they are working with 4C’s Managed Service team to streamline business processes and drive efficiences with Salesforce.

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What Salesforce products do ATTRAQT currently have and how are they being used? “We are using Sales Cloud from a main CRM perspective to accelerate our sales process and from a finance perspective we are also using FinancialForce Accounting. We work with the 4C Managed Service team on the maintenance and development of both of these.”

Do you have an internal Salesforce Admin?
”Before I joined ATTRAQT 6 months ago, we had someone internally who managed aspects of our Salesforce. He left the business at a similar time to myself joining so instead of replacing him we decided to further develop our partnership with 4C, upgrade to their Gold Manage Service package and outsource all of our Salesforce work to them.”

Was there any significant event that led to you engaging with 4C?
”At the start of 2017 we went through an acquisition, the onboarding of this new business meant that we had to integrate two Salesforce systems. Having no one internally that could manage this meant that issues were left unresolved so 4C were chosen as our Managed Service parter of choice for Salesforce support.

We also undertook a Field Service Lightning migration project, with 75% of our business having some level of access to Salesforce this was no small task. We worked with 4C throughout this entire process, which has been a huge success.”

To what extent does having external expertise add value to your org?
“The speed at which we can now get things done has meant we have been able to streamline efficiencies and scale our org rapidly. Whenever we encounter a problem there is a whole external team to help and support us. They really have become an extension of our internal team. Since partnering with 4C, teams are no longer siloed and everything is amalgamated in one central system.

From a long term perspective, having a Managed Service partner to roadmap projects and key enhancements has been invaluable.”

Have you seen the commercial results of working with 4C?
”Yes definitely, I have an excellent relationship with my Salesforce Consultant at 4C and the speed at which issues are resolved and questions are answered is key to the success of our Salesforce. The value it has added to our business has been obvious since the beginning and will only continue to provide value and drive ROI.”

Looking forward, will you continue to use 4C for all your Salesforce support or would you consider hiring an an internal Salesforce Admin again?
“We will continue to use 4C for all things Salesforce related and keep the expertise out of house. Having 4C not only provides us with security but also a breadth of knowledge, specifically when it comes to development work, that we just couldn’t get internally. Having all our Salesforce management centralised is absolutely key.”

Would you recommend 4C’s Managed Service to others?
”Absolutely, it’s an invaluable service. The amount of knowledge they have is unrivaled. They are easy to manage, extremely proactive and it means that all Salesforce related tasks are centralised which makes my life so much easier.”