4 Ways To Make Your Salesforce Org Fun

Posted On by Ryan Scott

Before this blog commences I have a short disclaimer.

  1. Not everyone will share your sense of humour.
  2. If this is in a client’s org they might not see the funny side of it, (depending on your client relationship).
  3. If you’re going to do this; go for a small laugh, nothing too ridiculous.

Little moments of comedy around the office can brighten up everyone’s day. I looked at the common denominator in our 4C work life (this being that every day we are logged into either our own, or our customers orgs) and found along my journey that by adding a dash of fun to this observation, we can enrich our working days with a few simple touches.

Validation Rule Error Messages

Validation upholds data integrity and can help keep your org clean. When data is entered incorrectly normally a helpful error message will pop up at the top of the page or by the field.

Noticing that the “Error Message” was a free text field I decided to fill these with some pop culture references before adding the correct direction for the record.

Error message 1 error message 3

I could see the odd smile or flared nostril when people encountered these error messages. The only downfall was the references went over a few people’s heads.

Company Wide “Winning” Emails with Gifs

We have implemented a “Winning” email within 4C. When our Commercial Team set an opportunity to close won, the following email pings out to us all.

Winning gif

This is not an uncommon occurrence in Salesforce as there is the native “Big Deal Alert” functionality as well as workflow rules and email alerts that can be set up to replicate the process. Where ours differs however, is we have created this email using Visualforce and stored the gifs in Salesforce to be used whenever we need them.

Why these emails are particularly fun is the win the whole office feels. The Commercial Team get to pat each other on the back and us as delivery consultants get to know what new accounts we could be working on - the gif normally sends a chuckle through the office aswell!

Image Formula Fields

Sometimes staring at field upon field can be a strain on the eyes. Plus, we are all used to the RGB colours on each record and object. The Lightning overhaul has boosted the visual customisation but there are a few ways you can jazz up your record page.

One of our client’s favourite TV shows was Only Fools and Horses so, (what started as a joke) we made them a visual way of tracking their sales stages on Opportunities.

Only fools and horses fields

This image formula field jumps along each time the stage moves along in their sales process. We stored all the images in the org and wrote a simple case statement that’s output mirrored the sales stages.

Upon unveiling this at the showcase, they all erupted into laughter asking us to keep them and actually put the clients face on the Reliant Robin.

Visualforce Components

Visualforce is a huge part of customisation for any Salesforce org. From being able to create multiple detailed records to launching complex triggers and even integrating 3rd party applications with open APIs. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination (and coding experience).

In the aid of company transparency our internal administrators have created a number of nifty Visualforce pages that display the company information in a digestible way. This particular one is my favourite.

Visualforce component

Pulling from information in our own org, the horse race to the finish line, getting information from the target object, opportunity “closed won” actuals, and dates in our financial year to position the horses in this epic race, (I did request to be the commentator but I was declined). All this is accessible via a link on our homepage and by gamifying it slightly, it spurs us all on to deliver quality work so we can achieve these targets.

After seeing how these quips can really change the attitudes of colleagues and clients I would recommend just trying it out. A comical validation message or even the winning email brings an aura of happiness to everyone and it as simple as adding a touch of fun to your Salesforce org.

I can see it now; your org centre stage making people chuckle, keeping moral up around the office.

Does your org need a facelift?

If you’d like to customise and ensure you’re getting the most out of Salesforce, get in touch with us and see how we can help