We’re on a Highway to… Service Heaven!

Posted On by Jan Vandevelde

At this year’s Dreamforce (2015) Salesforce talked about their recent study on customer service called “State of Service”. The research showed the priorities of two essential groups when it comes to customer service: The Salesforce Service Cloud customers (the service givers) & their customers (the service receivers). It turned out that these groups each had 3 major priorities.

The service givers want

  • To be online ALWAYS
  • Provide PERSONALIZED service
  • To be FASTER at doing so

While on the other hand the service receivers want:

  • To explain their issue only ONCE!
  • LOW effort to have their issue resolved
  • To be able to find the answers THEMSELVES

Salesforce presented 3 new functionalities for the Service Cloud which will revolutionize the support agent and customer experience.

1. OmniChannel:

This new feature does 2 things: Automatically distribute work to the right agent & track the needed information to allow supervisors to better manage their team. Every company needs this feature!

2. Macros:

Macros allow the agent to automate a number of steps that can be executed in 1 click. For example: Answer the customer, notify the manager and update the status of the case to closed. All in one click!

3. Mobile App Support:

From now on Service Cloud customers will be able to add customer service to any mobile app! This involves CASE creation, CHAT, KNOWLEDGE sharing and SOS, which is instant video-call support where the support agent only sees the customer’s screen.

Do you want to find out how all the new and improved features to the Service Cloud can help your customer company? Don’t hesitate to contact the Salesforce specialist of the Benelux: 4C Consulting!