How to solve the digital challenges in the insurance sector?

Posted On by Lien Vandenbulcke

Several times a year we have what we call ‘knowledge boosters’ at 4C. A session where we learn from our colleagues and our clients. During the session of last week:

  • the Marketing Director of one of our insurance clients explained what their biggest challenge is in becoming a (digital) customer company and

  • one of my teammates elaborated on the projects 4C had done in helping them in this challenge

During his presentation, they asked us an interesting question that I would like to ask to you too. How do you feel about your insurance products? Does it make your heart beat any faster? Do you feel any excitement when renewing your contract? Most probably not…

And that is one of the big challenges the insurance industry is facing. To increase customer engagement, a digital transformation is needed. But inherent to transformation and change is: risk. And which industry is more involved in calculating and avoiding risks you think? Indeed, the insurance industry. You can imagine that changing such an organisation is a huge challenge. But our client is extremely convincing, they are ready and up for the digital challenge.

That’s why we helped them in their first step towards digitalization. First by setting up performance reports for the dealers and brokers. Secondly, by implementing Pardot for multiple brands, which is a marketing automation tool. It allows them today to communicate more frequently and digitally to both dealers/brokers. And more importantly, allows them to broaden their scope and communicate tomorrow to the end client. Because, even though it is cliché, the final objective remains to communicate through the right channel at the right moment the right message that is interesting for the client.