How using Pardot makes me feel like a civil engineer

Posted On by Frederick Vijverman

“How can we make sure that marketing and sales work better together”? A question that we get from a lot of customers who know that sending unqualified leads over to sales is a waste of time.

I held this question in mind while discovering Pardot, the marketing automation tool from Salesforce. After experiencing the tool from the in- and outside, by clicking literally on every button, building drip campaigns and testing integrations, both at the client and internally, I understood how a bridge could be made between marketing and sales.

A bridge is more than an integration. Of course Pardot integrates smoothly with CRM tools such as Salesforce and thus directly has advantages for lead generation and qualification. But it is not only that link between CRM and Pardot that counts, it also integrates effortlessly with a bunch of other connectors like social media, event and webinar programs. It is this whole linked environment that makes the platform an interesting win for every digital marketing strategy. All the different aspects of the marketing funnel are covered. Search advertising and social posting can create the right awareness, content combined with drip programs and other nurture tracks like webinars make your leads ready for sales. This combination of tools covers your top to bottom marketing funnel and is perfect for 360° view and insights.

Marketing automation can be a solution to increase the quality of inbound leads. Next to the implementation and integration, the processes, best practices and of course change management are extremely important. That’s where 4C as a Pardot Registered Partner and its certified consultants can help you achieve the right goals and build these right bridges.

To learn more about Pardot, their website is a great example, the whitepapers give you a good insight in what it offers. I suggest you to request a demo or take a guided tour and directly experience the real power of marketing automation.

Let us know if you have specific questions about Pardot or your specific challenges and stay tuned for some more blogs about marketing automation in the future!